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So, Rosie is doing a sex scene on Nip Tuck tonight (careful, don’t vomit on the keyboard). Yes, it’s with a man. HOWEVER — today she just went OFF on guns and how they’re killing our country. But guess what’s REALLY killing our country.
Adulterous husbands, wifes and people having sex, having kids not giving a care to what is happening to their families.
WAY more people are hurt through those kinds of actions, then guns — in my opinion.
I wrote her an email and told her so. Poor Elizabeth…
back to coupon cutting.

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    We should probably all email Rosie so that maybe she realizes that more people share this view than just Elisabeth Hasselback.

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    If a psycho wants a gun they are going to get one regardless of any laws. So as a law abiding citizen I want the laws to support me so I can have one to defend myself against the psycho’s. Although I do support some severe consequences for those who misuse the right…