A musical Interlude

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A sweet custodian/security guard at Drew’s school gave us a piano. That’s right, he gave one to us. We were actually looking on Craig’s list for a used one for Christmas — they seemed around 600 dollars for a cheaper model. We will have to get it tuned, but Conner’s already had his first lesson (John Tompson, the same book I did) and did a little theory. Tonight, during prayers he asked Heavenly Father to make him better at the piano and to bless the man that brought it to us. So far, so good. :) I’ll give him a couple weeks til’ he’s yelling obscenities and saying he doesn’t want to practice. I think that’s how long it took my brother.

Since this family is never short on music — I got a babysitter last night, and went to Drew’s band competition in San Jose. It was nice, I’d never been to a full competition (i’ve been to a few, but I’ve had kids molesting me the whole time) — so it was nice to see how it all works here. The band did a great job, they have a really hard show this year, so I bet once they clean it up and everything they’re gonna rock it hard.
And now, it’s time to kick Drew off the piano so I can watch some Tivo.

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  1. says

    I love that Conner wanted Heavenly Father to bless the janitor/custodian. So cute! What a nice thing for him to do too. All I can say is, “Here we go, up a row, to a birthday party…”

  2. Anonymous says

    Yeah, I remember those days of HATING to practice. My mom used to set the timer on the microwave and I couldn’t get up from the piano until it beeped. I still have nightmares!

  3. eliza turner says

    Sweet deal on the piano. I also learned to play using the John Tompson books (left over from my mother when she was young).

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