Monday, October 02, 2006

My Child Genius that is Obsessed with his Spider Man Video Game

Prior to you clicking on the link of my child-genious. I'd like everyone to take note that we do NOT have nintendo, and don't plan on getting one, but he does have one of those twenty-dollar video things you plug into the TV, the Spiderman variety. I probably only let him play it once a month because I'm more into the learning games we have for the actual computer. He's written about it both in Mrs. Ross's class and now, also in first grade.
Seriously, you read his stuff and you'd think that's all I do with him.
And now.... the link to his work.
And just a little layout (first one in about a month) about my other genius. :) Inspiration found here.


  1. Well, it has obviously affected him very very much. :)

  2. And cute layout...but it won't enlarge so I can read the journaling. I'm thinking you should stick with this scrapbooking hobby. :)


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