Thursday, October 19, 2006


This just in -- Winkflash is having a giant card sale on their website. Even if you want to just send-out your own, they come with envelopes AND the picture, so for 23 cents, I just don't think it can be beat.
I just went through it, and I can design you your very own custom card for this -- you just have to send me the pictures and tell me what you'd like. :)
Oh, and I think I had someone ask me if I had templates to choose from. I do each card invidiually, depending on which pictures you want larger etc. Again, only 30 bucks (for 5 or less photos) until November 15th.
I threw together another card for tonight, they can be formal, fun.... obviously, I wouldn't be sending this one out -- but I wanted to show you some of the stuff I can do.


  1. Im interested! please email me just tell me what I need to do!

    Thanks so much!~

  2. Love it! And why wouldn't you send it out? :)

  3. Even the Karen Hardy sign matches in the background!


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