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Now, it’s really too bad that my last post was about using profanity, because I really have some words for my body.
Welcome to my weekly weigh-in post.
Weighed this morning, mind you it was at 6:30 am, because I was up when Drew left for his competition. I AM EXACTLY THE SAME AS I WAS LAST WEEK. And, just to make me feel better, I checked my body fat % AND IT WENT UP. Not a percentage, THREE PERCENTAGE POINTS.
Let me just dispell some myths:
1. Keep going: I’ve been doing my little “program” since the beginning of school. True, each month I add something (this month was not eating after 7 pm and I’ve already decided next month I’m gonna increase my water intake by 3 glasses/day) — but this is truly getting depressing. This is more then 8 weeks.
2. Some people peak not at over 200 pounds, people don’t peak there. There, I’ve said it — I’m over 200 pounds. Now, just by a few, but it’s STILL THERE. Plus, can you peak before you even start?
3. You’re losing inches — I’ve done that, I don’t lose inches, so I thought the whole scale/body fat thing would perhaps be more encouraging.
If I was a weight watchers client, people would laugh at me every week. So, at least I just have my blog weigh-in. Peeps, I’m really sad about this. I know that i’m a little dehydrated, (thanks to the Halloween Happening last night) which could be affeecting the body fat percentage…
Yes, I’m gonna keep it up, but it was so nice to see a change last week.
On a brighter note, we did go to Conner’s Ponderosa Halloween Happening last night, the kids got a lot of nice junk that will keep them busy for at least an hour this morning, while I sob for a bit. We also went to the SC homecoming parade, which we could watch from the air conditioned comfort of our car. Now THAT’S a parade! Tonight we have our church party, and that should be uber fun as well. I’m so glad my mom’s here to help out with all our festivities.
And, a shout out to the Santa Clara Band that’s performing in Plesanton a couple of times today. Good luck Bruins!

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A Favorite Halloween Memory


  1. says

    No one would laugh at you if you were doing WW…it happens to all of us.
    I say start pushing the water a week early and I bet it will make a difference.

  2. eliza says

    Sorry for the bad week/day weigh in. I’ve been there. At my largest I topped out at 248lbs. It took me almost 2 years to loose 55 pounds, but I’ve kept it off for 3 years (until I got pregnant). My advise is to just keep going. On days when I was discouraged I would go for a long walk or jog – that helped.

  3. Anonymous says

    You know what? I think it’s awesome that you’ve stuck to this program so long and so well. I can’t do anything over 3 weeks. It’s terrible! Just keep going, you’ve inspired me to do a little healthy interventions in my life as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. says

    That is so wrong. I seriously feel bummed for you because that is definitely discouraging (and I promise I’m not laughing). I think you are awesome for keeping up the great work though and I think if you keep pluggging along, hopefully your body will realize who’s boss. One thought that I’ve heard mentioned frequently at WW is are you may be cutting back too much on the food? We are actually encouraged to not eat too little because then our bodies really start fighting the weightloss and hold on to every possible pound as if it were starving. Just a thought.

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