Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Parent Teacher Conferences

Sometimes I feel like I am in a giant hole with my kids. We're just living our lives. I don't particularly think they're anything special (and I'm fairly sure they feel the same way about me). I see a lot of faults in them, I am continually correcting without much change. I feel as though I am in a never-ending cycle of me correcting, and them ignoring me.
And then parent teacher conferences come. All of the sudden I jump out of my hole and realize that Conner's a very special dude. Here are just some of the things his teacher liked about him.
  • He accels in math.
  • He's a great reader.
  • He's a good writer.
  • He gets along well with the other kids.
He is willing to share with the class (many of whom are older then him).
Sometimes you forget those things -- because they're just Conner. Of course, there are a few things to work on. He needs to spend more time writing and less time drawing pictures. He needs to learning to putspacesbetweenhiswords (anyone notice that on the spiderman assignment a few blogs ago). I remember having that problem too. Other then that, he's a gem, and I'm going to keep him. At least, for this week. :)
On a VERY depressing sidenote. I bought a scale today. It's the first scale I've owned by myself. I don't like the numbers that this scale is showing me. It even does my fat %, and that's even more sorry then the rest of it. Peeps, I'm needing some encouragement.


  1. That's really wierd cause' mine did the same thing! So I threw it away. Maybe there is a re-call at the scale factory. I'll keep an eye out. Your boys are both awesome. How could they not be with a mother like you? PS Kindergarten...I couldn't cut things out correctly. He he

  2. You & your hubby get the big picture and keep your kids balanced. You're awesome! Do you want to hit the trail Sat. 6:30 am. No pain no gain sister. I was in pain last week because I hadn't gone for so long but I just loved being out in the fresh air and mountains and can't wait to torture myself again!

  3. If your looking for encouragement why did you get a scale? And please tell me how that scale can measure your fat%?

  4. Dont own a scale and never will. NO matter what size you are, it is not your friend.

  5. After talking with you last night, I decided to take my measurements (just about as depressing as the scale...) and do that weekly. I noticed some of my clothes are looser even though the scale HAS. NOT. MOVED.

    And...Conner rocks.

  6. hilary, is that scale from avon? I got one that measures body fat and water. It's not my friend either right now! You can do it though, keep up the hard work.

    a mink creeker!


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