These Sewin’ Fingers are Restin’

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The costumes are done. For those of you who didn’t hear the BIG news — Drew is going tas Darth Vader (for the one event he’ll be able to go to with us — Halloween) and I am going as Princess Leia. We already have the Darth VAder voice changer, so all Drew needed was a black cape, so I whipped that up yesterday during conference. He’s actually kinda scary with the whole thing on.
As for me, I am SO HOT in that white dress. Drew was a real trooper yesterday and let me braid my wig on his head. It was HILARIOUS with him in the little buns, but now it’s all ready.
Perhaps I can find a new hobby now.
I’m thinking scrapbooking looks kinda cool. :) Or, what about photography? :)’
ETA: Ok, has anyone looked at my google adsense bar latlely? Mormon ringtone? Will my baby come early (Carly, that one was for you, obviously)… seriously, where do they come-up with this stuff?

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    Congratulations. I’m thinking you should definitely try scrapbooking. Tell me if you like it, I’ve been wondering if I should pick that one up myself.

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