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I’ve had a really hard time with the whole Reese and Ryan break-up. They always just seemed so genuinely in love. A Hollywood couple that would make it, unlike so many others.
Then there’s Brittany and K-Fed. Not as if it was shocking, but it’s always sad. I was really sad by the way that Rosi threw confetti all over because 2 kids parents were splitting up. I wish she’d realize that divorce is a much bigger issue then gun control.
Sometimes I look at divorced couples and wonder how much worse their marriage really is then mine. I am in NO WAY saying that I have a bad marriage. I am just saying that we fight, we drive each other crazy, stuff like that. We’re totally committed to working whatever it is out. We’ve had almost 10 years to realize that we are dis-similar in many ways… and we have to work through those differences.
My mom once heard some wife of someone important (I’m thinking GA or 70, or something) say, “We have never once thought of divorce, murder — yes, but never divorce.” I think it’s a great saying, especially coming from someone that our church tends to idolize. I can’t imagine that President and Sister Hinckley ever hard a harsh word between the two of them, but you know they have. You HAVE to, you can’t live with someone that long and not think “THAT IS NOT HOW WE DO THAT.”
Anyway, what I think I’m trying to say is, I think it’d be an eye opener to all of us to have a peek in some regular old marriages, those that are working with their differences. I’m fairly sure it’d make us happier in the ones that we have.

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    I always thought it was funny that my ex=SIL, who fought openly with my brother always wished she had my “perfect” marriage.

    Just because we don’t fight in front of the world, doesn’t mean we don’t have our issues…

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    Dh was preparing a lesson for (I think) Sunday School one day. It had a quote in it that he was supposed to read, and then ask the class who they thought said the quote. It was something like “There were many nights during the first ten years of our marriage that I cried myself to sleep”. It turned out that it was Marjorie Hinckley who had said it. After he read that, Dh was all, “See, I can still be a prophet!” Anyways, it just shows that everyone has problems, we all have to work at it – no one has a perfect marriage. But I think that’s the key – work at it. Some people don’t want to put in the effort, and maybe that’s why there are so many divorces. It seems like that’s easier than putting in some time and a lot of effort to make things work. (Sorry about the novel)

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