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So, I’m thinking of becoming a marching band photographer… :)
Good luck SC Band today!

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    One of the competitions I went to last year with one of the bands I worked with had a band photographer. THey took all sorts of great pictures of each band at the show, had a booth set up where the pics were uploaded instantly and a slide show playing, and they passed out fliers to all the groups and parents with a website so you could go look at the photos (which had a copyright stamp on them, of course so no one could just copy and paste) and then order whatever pictures you wanted. I was impressed because of the two groups that I worked with that went to that competition, I think every single kid in both bands had at least one shot in the slide show where you could see the kid’s face. (did that sentence make sense? Hope so._

    So, anyway, you could actually make some pretty good money if you get set up with some competitions in your area (which I know there are a LOT… we only lived a few hours away from you, although I’m not sure we ever went to any of the same competitions.). Something to start thinking about for next season.

    Sorry for the book instead of a simple comment. I ramble. A lot.

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    Keep snapping those pictures.I wish I had one picture of me in my band uniform.NADA!!!I like Sariah’s comments.I know at the roller & ice skating competitions they have someone taking pictures. Not every parents has a camera that can get a close up.I know the parents would love it. You should do a year of pictures of the band then do one of those winkflash books. It would make a great gift for the band director at the end of the year. You could get the kids to sign it too.

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