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A recap of our Monday night FHE for all my fellow FHE doers (Janelle just posted what they did at their FHE and I think I’m going to steal it for next week, so I really like it when my peeps post their ideas). We did ours on talents. The missionaries were here. We taught about the biblical story of the talents and really stressed that you have to work hard to make your talents of worth. Anyway, we then wrote our feathers, on the front something we’re good at (for me it was Designing) and on the back it was a talent we want to work to improve. Then, Conner just happened to bring home a turkey that the family was supposed to decorate, so we used our talents to put buttons, and puff balls all over the poor turkey. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time the missionaries had used Elmer’s and puff balls on their mission.
So, about the Beta version. Let me tell you the benenfits. If you scroll down you’ll see my archive is way cooler then it was before. And you can also put labels on your posts. I’m mostly using that on the photo blog, because this blog is so random. But I know that if you had people who mostly wanted to look at your pictures or whatever, you could label them as such (if you scroll down on the right of my blog, you’ll see my “labels” on the right side — so far it’s just scrapbooking, but I hope to make more categories). Also, sometimes I do travel journals, and sometimes i have random blog posts in between, so I could label all my travel journals as such and people could bring them up if they wanted to. Also, instead of having to know much about HTML you can change the layout through their drag and drop system. Also, you’re able to go in and mess with those things (like links, music, header, etc) all by themselves (no HTML really needed, although I did have to mess with mine a bit). I like it. What do you guys think of the music? Kill it?
Lastly, Conner’s school had a family fitness night last night. It was dancing, stuff like the hokey pokey, the conga, the bunny hop, the twist. We had a great time, and we vowed to do it as a family later on. I think it’s a great idea, to show that family time and fitness time can be one and the same.
P.S. Guess who just passed the 15k mark for blog visits. How if you’d all just click on my google adsense banner…. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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