FHE Review Tuesday

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Had a stunning FHE last night. I really wanted to focus on thankfulness this month (starting next month I’m gonna do an article of faith each month). So, we started our thankful turkey. We did something similar on these lines last year, but it never really made it. So, this year I am going to try a new row of feathers each at each week’s FHE.
This week, we put specific people that we’re thankful for on the Turkey’s body and then I had everyone think of different ways we can show them gratitude and we put those on the multi-colored feathers on the turkey’s body.
Next week I’m thinking we’re going to put things that we’re thankful for. Maybe put the ones that are MOST thankful for on one color, and then some things we just really like on another color. If anyone has any other ideas on how to add to the turkey — lemme know.
On a sidenote. The song “Where Love Is” gets me every time. It’s in our church’s Children’s songbook, but I always enjoy its central theme. Where love is, there God is also, totally true. Click on the link and it will play it for you. We played it last night at FHE, and then it played again this AM in the car (I have a CD of favorite children’s songs to listen to on our way to school).

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