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Yesterday the primary sang in church.
“Children Holding Hands around the World.”
During most of it I could pick out Conner’s voice. I think we have an issue with blend… but I was proud that he was singing and not staring blankly into the crowd.
Then came the chorus.
Wow… the kid has some pipes. He’s not messin’ around when he sings. I was proud, and I also want to sing more as a family so that he realizes that he can sing loud, but not crazy. Of course, the fact that Spencer told me “NOT GOOD SINGER” this morning in the car does tend to dampen my spirits….
Went to Walmart this morning. Bought some stuff before the Christmas rush comes on. I think i’m pretty much done, sad to say. Well, happy to say — I suppose. Spencer needs a few more items. What’s everyone else getting their almost 3 year old boy?
Also, how does everyone deal with the problem of “mine” after they open presents? it’s not really something we’ve had to deal with much before now. Spencer’s always been fine with Conner seeing his stuff. But, we also don’t really have “my” sections of our toy cabinet. Pretty much everything is shared (unless it is unsafe for Spencer). I worry at Christmas, that I want them to have some “mine” time — but also share. Thoughts? Experienced moms — shower me with knowledge.

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    1. “Never louder than beautiful” is what I tell my kids. Although it’s great to sing with gusto!

    2. Spencer sure is opinionated! Reminds me of two little girls I happen to know.

    3. The toy thing…like you all our toys are just stored all together and just organized into categories (Barbies, potatoes, music, dolls, etc.) The sharing issue sometimes comes up, especially when a toy is a new birthday/Christmas gift. When that happens I alwasy let the owner of the toy have it. I think that’s the way it should be. Most of the time they share rather nicely, and if they know that they don’t have to share their most precious toys, than that helps them share better the rest of the time. For toys that are not necessarily owned by one or the other we might use a timer, or we have said B gets to play with it all day on Monday and C on Tuesday. That has worked too.

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    Conner is the best singer! So he was little louder than the other but he was right on pitch!! The only time he got softer was when he had to hit the last high-high note and he was still on pitch.

    Toys are free for all! When kids and the same sex are so close in age what can you do? It’s nice though when you can find something a child really really likes and wants.

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