Muchos Gracias, Feliz Navidad

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Thanks for the input on the entertainment center you guys. I appreciate everyone’s input! I am hoping it’s on sale and then we can go get it next week, and bask in our Ikea glow. :)
What’s everyone doing for Christmas?
I thought I’d just list some of the things that we like to do around here, to give some of my Bay Area peeps some ideas.
First off, we LOVE the living nativity that the Baptist church does. Amazing. Everyone needs to go. If you have questions, you can read about it in this entry from last year.
We also really enjoy going to “Behold the Gift” it’s a dance presentation at the Inner Stake Center. They basically act out the entire Christmas story through song and dance. We went last year, and I was a little anxious about what my kid would do. But, we went to the matinee and Spencer actually really enjoyed it. They do have some slow parts, but a lot of it has nice colors and a lot of people dnacing on the stage. They use a lot of the sountrack from the movie The Missions, has anyone heard it? Anyway, I love that soundtrack. This year, their matinee is on Saturday the 9th at 4 pm. We’ll be leaving here in our fancy Minivan probably around 2:30 if anyone else wants to go. We’ll also be stoping at Fudrucker’s on the way back. Oh, and the sweet part is that once you leave Behold the Gift, it’s just dark enough to enjoy the lights around the temple.
Christmas in the Park. It’s in downtown San Jose. It’s a favorite spot to enjoy some fake snow.
Anyway, those are some ideas, but I’d love to hear everyone else’s. I must admit that I have a hard time getting into the whole Christmas spirit when there’s no snow or family to help me swing that.

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    Oh man – I left a long comment a while ago but blogger wasn’t working very well but I was hoping it would show up. Anyway here was my list of Christmas musts-

    1. The navitiy collection at the Mormon church in Mt View I believe-Love it but it only lasts a week or son. (pretty good for a non-MOrmon to know that eh?)

    2. The Christmas light show at Vasona. We drive through every year – very fun! Go during the week though because it is more expensive and more crowded on the weekends.

    3. Aw man – I had a third one but can’t remember it right now!

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