Saturday, November 25, 2006

My big plans for Capitol One

You see, we probably get at least 5 pieces of mail from Capitol One wanting our business every week. We didn't ask for them, we don't have a Capitol One card (nor do we have plans to get one) and frankly, I want to throw things at the TV when I see their ads come on.
So, here's my plan, Capitol One.
You give me all the money you're spending on postage and printing. Seriously, we'd be RICH. Even if it was only like 20 cents per mailing....
We'd have a much brighter Christmas AND, I'd have a much better opinion of you -- Capitol One.
Until then... we are foes.


  1. Have you ever "opted out" I did it and this kind of mail dropped dramaticlly.

    Credit offers: The major credit agencies all sell aggregate credit information any bidder. Direct mail and credit companies generate mail based on demographics including zip code, income band and credit payment patterns. Stopping this is easy, you just need your address, former address within two years, and social security number. One call does it all for agencies Equifax, Trans Union, Experian and Innovis. Dial 1-888-5 OPT OUT (or 1-888-567-8688) 24 hours a day.

  2. SHe read my mind! We must have watched the same today show. I just did that. They will send a form in the mail that you have to mail back and then you are taken off of their lists more credit card and loan junk mail offers! Woohoo!


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