Friday, November 03, 2006


Today I was dropping Conner off at school and walking back to my car. This car crossed right in front of me while kids were in the crosswalk and the crossing guard had her stop sign up. I called 911 when I got back to my car, and I'm guessing the crossing guard did as well, since she ran for a notebook to write it all down on.
Anyway, it made me really glad that I didn't have Spencer with me (thankfully he was at home with grandma) because this guy wasn't stopping for anything. It also made me realize that we all need to be careful and watch-out in the school zones.
It also reminded me never to be in so much of a hurry that I leave safety behind.


  1. Too bad you didn't have an egg in hand! I'd toss that sucker on his windshield.

  2. Well I guess that is happening everywhere. The boys go to Willow so it is on the busy intersection of Minnisota and Lincoln. Cars keep going even after their light turns red, the crossing gaurd is out and blowing her whistle. It's terrible. One child in Gilroy got hit and killed last week while crossing the street to school at a stop sign. I think we need to start yelling at cars that do that but I do like the egg idea.

  3. Hello! My kids use to drive to Wilcox instead of walking which would take a total of probably 3 minutes! It was safer. What bugs me is that it takes something bad to happen[a few bad]before they do something about it. Now there's 4 cross walks infront of Wilcox. Once a foot is off the curb the car should stop. I think as parents we really need to set an example too.


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