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People in the LDS religion have one Sunday set aside each month (it’s the first Sunday, aka — today) called “fast sunday”. We go without 2 meals on that day and we donate the money in a “fast offering” to the church and they use it to help others our with their material needs. During this time we’re also supposed to have a purpose in mind and be praying about it.
People, I suck at it. It’s not the whole going without food thing that I suck at. It’s the rest. I always forget until either the morning of, or sometimes by the grace of God I remember the night before. Then, I’m always stuck trying to think of something to fast for. There have been several Sundays where I have truly felt the power of the fast, but they have mostly been when I was fasting for a family member that was sick or needed other serious help. Now, when my life seems to be going OK I feel like all the things in my life that are my concerns seem trivial, and most definately not worth a fast. These things would be like being a better mom (and I pretty much have made this my purpose the past few months), losing weight, having more love in our home. General stuff.
Anyway, does anyone have tips to make Fast Sunday a better sunday? I have already put it on my calendar for next month so that it can be weighing on my brain the week before.
Now, I’m gonna go do my 20 hail marys and dream about what to have for dinner.

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    Well, first of all, I think it’s a-ok to fast about such things as losing weight and being a better mom. Seriously, if there’s nothing more pressing. I think the Lord does want to help us out in those types of areas too.

    Second, Joel and I usually choose a topic together. He’s better at remembering than I am (especially since I haven’t actually been able to do the going without food part for about a year now, and it will likely be at least another several months before I’m not exclusively nursing and can handle it.)

    Third, you can always fast for me. :)

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    I am horrible at this. I never remember fast Sunday! DeLoy of course is great at it. He starts the night before and picks what he is fasting about. He goes alone into the bedroom and says a prayer, right before dinner the next day he says another prayer to break his fast. Maybe everyone grew up like this. I don’t recall my parents ever telling me this tid bit.

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