Thankful Thursday

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So, here I am in my bitter mood to write a blog.
Hoping to be a tad more positive today. Drew has a football game this afternoon and then we’re gonna go out for pizza at C’s school fundraiser… so I’m hoping the shift out of my regular monotony will be positive. :)
So, today I’m going to list the little things around my house that I’m thankful for:
1. New light in the boy’s room. We don’t have fixtures in our house (it’s circa 1950’s). Dave Zimbauer (who’s great, if you need a contractor) came in and put a light in the boy’s room. I LOVE IT!!! I mostly love that we can now take their nasty lamp off their dresser (sorry dad — it was his lamp, he’d had it since college, but now it will be heading to the DI).
2. Dishwasher. Need I say more? We did seven years of marraige without one, and I can’t get enough of it now.
3. Washing machine and dryer. I mean, seriously ladies — where would we be if we were still cranking our clothes and washing them on a rock or a washboard. Yikes.
4. DVR. OMG, revolutionized the way I live. LOVE IT!!!!!
5. The Minivan. LOVE clicking on my keychain to open our little vehicle up. So dang fancy. I’m a lucky gal.
Well, there we go, feeling better already. I think I’m off for a walk with a friend. The day is just sunshine and roses as far as the eye can see (note: positive self-talk).
Hey, I was just talking to Michelle when I got my Kraft Food and Family cookbook. It’s free, and you sign-up online. I’ve had a lot of easy recipes come out of it, so I’d recommend signing-up!

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  1. says

    I am SO thankful for all those things too…except maybe the light in the boy’s room, but I’m sure it’s great for you!

    I always tryt o tell myself to “Set the PACE” because a Positive Attitude Changes Everything! It’s a lot harder to live by now than when I was younger, but I’m trying!

  2. says

    Great things to be grateful for. Thank you for the reminder. I must admit I have no idea what a DVR & OMG are. I want to be grateful for it too but what is it?!

    I’m grateful that I can ship my packages with Calif overnight and have up to 7 pm to walk to the drop off box and it’s cheaper than UPS and gets there overnight and I can do it online no filling out forms and it saves my ship to address. LOVE IT!!!!

    I can’t wait to get home tonight and see if my Kraft mag came in the mail! Everyone should get on since it’s free!!! Happy Thurs.

  3. says

    Dishwasher, Washing machine and Dryer, and Minivan….can’t imagine life without them (Even though we’ve been without all three most of our marriage…)

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