Thankful Thursday

Today I’m just thankful that I’m not at work.


There are just some nights where you realize that people think you are their slave. Last night was one of those nights. Not a thank you for bowing to my every wish, hardly a smile, just thinking everything I did was wrong.

Just a stern reminder to myself that you catch more flies with honey… if you know what I mean.

SO, I’ve decided to ask for some decorating advice from my blog pals. Word on the street from is that the entertainment center we want for our living room is on sale next week. You can see them on the Ikea website here: TV Unit, Book Case and Skinny bookcase (all in the dark brown finish, not the antique finish). So, it’ll pretty much look like the one in the picture, except we’re not doing the glass-fronted cabinet (because it has 2 glass shelves that only hold 26 pounds, and we all know my scrapbooks weigh WAY more then 26 pounds), we’ll just do the other bookshelf. I think we’re also thinking of getting this one next year or something. What do you guys think, esp. the friend that have been to my house. This is a pretty dark brown stain (as it says) but Drew and I both loved it when we saw it at Ikea last year. Do you think it’ll be too much for our small house? Come on… people, comment. I need input here ladies (and men).
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Seriously... how'd he get so old?


  1. says

    I’ve never been to your house…so maybe I’m not eligible.

    But, I LOVE the dark brown stain. It is way trendy now, and I think it looks very classic. I want it, myself. :)

  2. says

    Love it, super jealous if you get it. I think it will be fine, even in your place, although it is big, you will be able to store and organise lots in it. I think it would be a great addition to your home.

  3. says

    I absolutly love it! I wish I could have it. The dark wood with your light wood floor will be a really pretty contrast. And I don’t believe in not putting big things in a small space. I think big pieces make homes look larger and more grand. But who says that is what the big D is really gonna get u?!!!

  4. Miranda says

    I love it. I am a big fan of the dark finish, I think it will look great in your house. I wouldn’t worry about the size either, it looks like it has lots of storage space.

  5. says

    YES!! Good choice.I love Ikea stuff. Have you seen my upstairs?You gotta come see. I used every max inch and it’s loaded. I haven’t seen your place but I really like this unit and all the organizing space. If your walls are white I think you should paint. The dark brown/black would look great on a painted wall. Call me up and I’ll come over with my paint brush! I’m free Sat.I’m serious!!! [after my hike of course]

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