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We all know my views on Rosie. But today The View was about Foster Care. I was really touched by it. I am well aware of how many children, an even newborns, are out there without proper parents. I was just touched by all these people who foster and later adopt the children. They have giant hearts, and I can only imagine that the leap to fostering a child is huge. Someday I hope to have that kind of courage, but until then…. I’ll keep cheering for those who do it willingly.

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  1. gg says

    I’m with you on the admiration for foster care parents and parents who adopt, but the real motivator from my comment is your mention of Rosie on the View. I have not read your previous comments and I will admit to only catching a few minutes of the View every once in a while, but in those few moments I feel assaulted by Rosie. She has totally lost her sanity. I used to like her on her talk show. But now, she is a raving lunatic that stomps on anyone else who wants to state their opinion. This latest debacle over Kelly Ripa objecting to Clay forcing his hand over her mouth was the cherry on top of her metamorphosis into an attack dog with an agenda.

    Whew. Had to get that out. Guess you better not give me a mic anytime soon either.

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