Weigh-in and Goals

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Weighed in on Saturday. I think I lost 0.6 pounds. I wasn’t to into the whole diet thing last week. I’ve noticed that I’m not wearing make-up, not really caring about the way I look as of late. So I’m back on the “me” bandwagon this week. Did some Denise Austin this morning, and I’m gonna go do a couple of laps around Costco this AM. I’m hoping to also find a book about free weights, and give me some good exercises to build muscle, when I can’t get out and walk because it’s rainy.
I am, however, wanting to walk at the mall for like an hour each week. Anyone wanting to join? I figure we coudl do a full lap and then pick a store to go in as our “reward.”
This week, I’m also going to try harder at reading my scriptures every day. I used to do it in the AM, but now working out is taking that time. I am hoping to do it after I lay Spencer down for his nap, so that I can get a bit of energy back for my afternoon (which, lately have consisted of me laying on the couch eating something salty). Does anyone have a routine that works for them, as far as scripture study goes?

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    I’d join you for a walk if I could. Walking is my favorite type of exercise. It sounds like you are doing great – just adding a little bit here and there which will add up to great changes over time.

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    Our scripture study is a little unconventional, but Aaron found this website that sends us our daily reading assignment by email. We don’t usually read it on the email, but you can if you want. We scheduled ourselves to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year and it calculates how much we have to read to accomplish that goal. The website is readthescriptures.com. You can even set up a team…Aaron, my sister and I are on a team and we can post “reminders” or comments to each other when we’re falling behind etc. Like I said, a little unconventional, but it’s helping us read everyday and accomplish our goals! Good luck!

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    I’m not great with scripture study. Study is more than reading. Reading I hit and miss. I have been listening to the conference talkd on line at work. When everyone has left for the day I turn them on. I think there is scripture reading on the church website too.

    Valley Fair is a great place to walk. Sat morning we hiked in the drizzling rain. We got to Stevens Creek and we could go right to the mountains or left to the mall. It’s nice to have the options. It is opened very early in the morning and there are quite a few sets of stairs. If you go early you can walk fast. If you go later when during business hours it’s harder to weave in and out of people and it’s going to get crazy with the holiday shopping coming up.

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