Saturday, November 04, 2006

Welcome to Weigh-in Saturday

Alrighty then.
Giving-up on the scale. However, I only gained less then a pound this week, which is pretty good since my mom's here and we've gone out to eat a lot. The body fat thing though -- I think it's a crock. I am still about what I was last week, which is more then when I started a month ago.
So, this month I'm adding drinking more water. I started on the 1st, and MAN do I have to use the bathroom a lot. I am hoping that decreases. However, every time I do use the potty I imagine little fat cells going out with it.
And yes, that is TMI. :)
On a brighter note, my mom has been here this week. We went sho-ping! Hello Kohls. Nice sale. Anyway, I got about 10 new tops. This was TOTALLY needed. I don't think I'd bought a new winter shirt since S was born. Anyway, I'm feeling fancy in my new duds, and I think my sista' Jana's gonna come cut my hair sometime soon so I can stop bringing frizzy back.
I do feel better about myself, and it's not just the new clothes. I do feel that I'm getting new muscle groups and after a while I know that's going to have SOME effect! Right, right? RIGHT?
And thanks for coming mumzy! I'm taking her to the airport in about a half an hour, and it will be a sad day indeed {sigh}.


  1. You're doing all the right things. I think it's all about the pee & poo. You drink more you'll pee more, there's no gettin out of that one. When I did WW drinking & fiber intake was a good thing for me to learn. You inspire me to get back on track.

  2. I think you look fabuous, in your new digs and all, thanks for letting all our rugrats run a muck at your house today, it was a good break for me.


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