Wednesday, November 29, 2006

When Service Bites Ones Booty

My parents were planning on coming for Christmas.
Last night my dad was out with the High Priests (church thing) visiting some people from the church -- he fell and broke his ankle.
Tomorrow he needs surgery to put some pins in.
Not coming for Christmas. I'm so sad, but I'm more sad for my dad.
He was just getting into a good work-out routine, and now this!? Oh well, if it's not one thing, it's your mother... :D
On an entirely different topic: Conner's tooth is VERY loose. He's more concerned about that then the fact that Grandpa's not coming. It really grosses me out.


  1. Well, I"M sad for you that your parents can't come for Christmas.

    Is this Conner's first one? It is very gross...I hate when B has a loose tooth.

  2. Oh my gosh that's the same thing that happened to Brandon's mom pins and all. Our parentals are getting old I'm afraid. Sydni is dying to loose a tooth. She's practically trying to MAKE them loose.

  3. Oh man - so sorry to hear about your Dad and more sorry they had to cancel coming out. Can you go back there?

  4. How sad. That really stinks to have no fam here 4 the holidays. Ill be your fam! And as 4 that tooth, yank it out!

  5. That is so sad about your dad's ankle. I sure hope he recovers fast and that you still have a happy Christmas without your folks.

  6. Miranda6:06 PM

    Bummer about your family not being able to be here for the holidays. And as for the tooth, I tried to yank Jessica's out and it didn't go too well... best of luck.

  7. Surgery is scary, thank goodness for the power of the priesthood, oh and good nurses. He will be in our prayers.


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