Christmas Eve

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I’m so glad that Christmas Eve has fallen on a Sunday this year.
We went to church, we even sang in the choir (Drew usually does, but I felt guilty not helping out this year — AND, our friends Linday, Stephanie and Taylor watched S and C). Then we learned that we wouldn’t have our last 2 hours of church, that we would have the time to spend with our families.
Present indeed.
I love to be together on Christmas Eve, I love to feel the love of our family and the Savior without having to worry about a single ounce of hustle and bustle.
Honestly, I kind of think that having a Christmas Mass is something the Catholics got right, and next year I’m going to try and do the same thing next year.
I chose this particular song because it’s a Christmas favorite of mine (obviously). I love how deliberate the whole song is. Joseph thought about how he was going to treat the baby jesus, and so should we.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

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