Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Isn't About Presents

Conner, after watching the latest Wonderpets episode (save the Reindeer) drew-up this little letter to Santa. I loved how he'd learned something onthe show that I really want to teach him. Christmas isn't about presents, but it is about giving (and a fun part of learning to give is also learning to receive and be gracious), and remembering that long ago Heavenly Father gave us the greatest gift he could. I love that he loves Christmas, and I think that although a great part of the reason he loves Christmas is the presents, I think he loves the feelings, the family time, and the spirit of the season. At least I hope that's what it is.


  1. What? It's not about the presents????? :)

    Actually it has been fun to watch Bria this year. She has several little presents in boxes under the tree for us...I know she made a moracca out of a toilet paper tube, hair bands and paperclips for Joel. She is so dang excited about those things.

  2. I love the notes he writes! Wish I had a scanner too. I remember when I used to write notes to Santa and put them in my stocking. The only thing is, I don't remember writing anything but requests. Looks like Conner is really learning quickly the reason for the seaon.

  3. Oh! Such a sweet note! TOtally love it... you're a good mom!

  4. So cute!! Gotta make a layout with a pic of him and the letter. Chistmas is about the greatest gift given - a Savior. Made me mad the other day that someone on the radio was saying that Christmas doesn't have any religious connection anymore (like it was a good thing). Guess we need to do our part in reminding other through our actions that Christmas is a religious holiday. BTW - Muppet song freaked me out - I had it low so I was thinking someone was singing outside our window!

  5. such a sweet letter! And we love the WonderPets and their lessons too.


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