A Christmas Miracle

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Anyone who went to our rockin’ good ward Christmas Party might know that Spencer was one of the most reluctant to go to Santa Claus (except for Santa’s own son, but that’s a story for another day). He didn’t want to go

in the room with Santa he barely wanted the candy cane (the kid has to draw the line of fear at some point).

So, Santa came to the high school’s staff family Christmas party on a Fire Engine (he later told the kids the reindeer got stuck in Tahoe because there’s no snow here). Then, he sat around and talked to the children for a minute and then he had a present for every single boy and girl. I could see Conner’s eyes just about buggin’ out of his head at the thoughts that he would receive a present from the hands of Santa. So, we go through most all of the other kids and then it’s Conner’s turn. He’s fine. He gets Batman and Robin, Spencer is eyeing those toys with lust… and then they call his name. All night I’d been asking him if he was going to be a big boy and sit on Santa’s lap and then he’

d start to cry. So the name is called, and up jumps Spencer, of his own accord runs right up to Santa and sits on his lap and SNAP, there is said picture of Spencer on Santa’s lap, I think it’s the first since he was under 1 at Conner’s preschool Christmas party. He said thank you and everything. And for the inquiring m

inds who want to know, Spencer apparently was in need of a Sesame Street video game. He couldn’t have been happier.

The party ended on the high note of a pinata. Conner seemed to losen it just enough that the boy after him sent it home and knocked it down. Horray for the staff party, we had a great time. Conner said it was the best party ever (although I’m sure he’s discounting the ward party that his mom spent about 40 hours putting on).

Merry Christmas everyone, and remember that miracles come in all forms this season. Watch for them!

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    Hee hee…Joel was Santa at the Ward Christmas Party last year? Maybe the year before. Anyway, both my girls refused to sit on his lap. They are still so afraid of Santa.

    Good for Spencer!

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