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My kids have this compulsion to step on books, toys, pretty much anything that’s on the floor. Even if there’s a clear pathway, they’ll go OUT of their way to step on the item. It’s really annoying as a mom. Anyway, this morning Spencer was doing a little jig on one of his puzzles, so I initiated a time out (which, frankly he’s amazing at — I suggest everyone start time-outs early, the kid realizes it’s a punishment, takes the opportunity to calm down and is truly repentent after). Then, he had to tell me he’s sorry and then I made him go over and tell his puzzles that he was sorry. He did, he went over to each one and told them he was sorry and that he wasn’t going to step on them again. It was amusing to me… but hopefully it does the trick.
But, I have a little punishment of my own that I’ve forgotten to blog about. People, I am done watching the View. I actually quit about 2 weeks ago when I was chatting online with my friend Lara ranting over something ELSE that Rosie had said. Personally, I think she is WAY over the top with her gay viewpoint. I am fine with her mentioning it every now and then. I have gay co-workers (whom I really like) and they don’t bring it up every 10 seconds (nor do I bring-up my husband). Anyway, I was just telling Lara how freakin’ annoying it was and she said, “THEN STOP WATCHING IT.” It made sense. I was supporting something I didn’t believe in, and much like buying a playboy just to “read the stories” I was giving my “money” to her. So I’m done. I think Rosie should be taken off TV until she can learn to be a regular person who realizes her viewpoints are just that — hers and it’s not something that everyone else needs to believe. Shut it Rosie.
Anyway, those are my fantastic Tuesday thoughts. Spencer and I are still fighting our viruses. But we vow to stay the course. :)

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    You will be oh so much happier without Rosie invading your happy thoughts every day. :)

    And, I totally agree with the early time outs. We started both our kids early….Chloe at about 13 months. They are both champion time outers and the best part is that it WORKS.

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