Easy Crock Pot Chicken

My mom is interested in some easy Crock-Pot meals, so I thought I’d give a few here on my blog. Maybe one or two a week.
First one, easy crock pot chicken. First off, this guy is SUPER cheap, and yummy… AND because it’s rare that a family is going to eat an etire chicken, I usually have some leftovers.
Take 1 whole chicken (can even still be frozen), put it in the crock pot, pour two cans of broth (regular size, no super-size ones, you could also use Chicken Stock) on and around the chicken.
Sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper and poultry seasoning.
Turn crock-pot on.
Sometimes I add carrots, and onions, and potatoes, sometimes I don’t — often just depends on what I have on hand.
voila. :)

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