In the Mood for some New Internet

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We’ve had Comcast High Speed Internet as long as we’ve had DSL internet. It’s expensive, and I’m tired of paying it.
I’m in the mood for some new internet.
So, I want EVERY SINGLE PERSON to tell me about the internet they’re on (and I all know you’re on one) and why you like it, or don’t like it — and its pricing. I’m not really sure how other internet works. Does my computer have to be near a phone cord for other DSL to work?
I obviously can’t live with dial-up… but I am really really tired of paying almost 50 dollars a month for Comcast, and the attitude their little person just gave me on the phone when I asked for a promotional discount. For your information, once they have you as a customer, they don’t feel the need to keep you.
And I don’t feel the need to keep them.

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  1. says

    Well I think you know I have dial-up soooo there I gave you my answer and I don’t think you want any more from me. But I’ve shopped around and 50$ is pretty much what your going to pay for a serious upgrade after up to 6 months of a possible promotional discount. That’s why I’m having trouble making the switch. Ain’t it great to be cheap?

  2. says

    I think we pay about the same as you… we have it with our phone through AT&T… It’s fine… haven’t had complaints… but I hate paying so much for it… but like you said Dial up is NOT an option.

  3. says

    We have Comcast, but are on the 6 month promotional plan, plus we get it even cheaper through a Best Buy deal. After the 6 months is up I am sure we will be shopping for something cheaper…

  4. says

    We have wireless internet…we pay40 dollars a month for it (technically 39.94), but it cost like 100 dollars to install the router. It’s a local company, so it’s not available in CA. The nice thing is people can use their laptops to get online in our house.

    I know there are tons of companies that bundle cellphone/landline/cable tv and internet for a deal. You could look into that, but then you’d have to change EVERYTHING, and that might not be an option.

  5. says

    We have Qwest DSL…the fastest option available (which is still much slower than cable)…it costs about $45/month (plugs into a phone line). Even though we have Qwest for our local phone and long distance we (of course) don’t have a ‘qualifying package’ to get a discount on DSL. Basically we’d have to pay more to save even less. Since we are so close to about $50 price for cable…I have thought about switching to Comcast….good luck!

  6. Miranda says

    We have SBC (now AT&T) as well and you can sign up for a year and I think the cost is around $20/month. I thought it was a good deal for the speed. You can also get a wireless card and you can get internet anywhere in the house if you don’t have a phone line by your computer.

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