Monday, December 04, 2006

Just Got my Osmond Album

Anyone listen to this growing-up?
I did. Loved it.
Anyway, a little Christmas montage set to the soulful sounds of the OSmonds.

BTW, Conner lost a TOOTH!!!! You'll see some of those pictures near the end of the video. Sad news, he swallowed it. Apparently (thankfully, I was at work) he cried for about an hour. However, I reminded him that the tooth fairy just knows he's lost it and will still be happy to make a donation, even if the tooth is unavailable. :) Also, on a brighter note, I told him if he just yanks it out next time he won't swallow it.


  1. You better believe I listened to this RECORD as a child... It is my family's favorite Christmas album still. We still put on our record and eat air-popped popcorn on Thanksgiving night and listen to this classic. I love that I have found a fellow fan! Go Osmond Family Christmas...

  2. Love me some Osmonds...I was going to be Marie when I grew up. :)

    Congrats on the tooth Conner!

  3. Oh geez what a bummer about the tooth drama. Annnnnnd it's not like it's unrecoverable! he he

  4. Miranda10:19 AM

    I totally listened to that album as a child, too funny. Loved the pictures. Tell Connor congrats on losing his first tooth.

  5. The tooth swallowing is classic, I was dying when I read that.


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