Me and My Three Wives

Did anyone watch this show last night on TLC?
I DVR’d it, in case it was about Mormons, and thankfully it wasn’t.
So, there was this guy, and he marries this lady and when they’re getting married he says to her, “I don’t think I can be monogomos” (bright red flag), but she loves him so much she figures that she loves him so much that she can overcome it even if he has an affair (red flag — wife #1 needs some pride).
Wife #1 is apparently serving our contry in the army, and while she’s gone he strikes-up a relationship with another woman, and gets her pregnant. Wife comes home, baby is born and he decides that he can not abandon the baby so he want’s to get a duplex and have his wife #1 on one side, and this woman and his son live on the other side…. BUT they decide that it’s easier that they all move-in together (and he is sleeping with both women). This living arrangement just continues and now wife #1 has 2 kids and wife #2 (to whom he is not legally married to, but is spiritually married to) has 4 (two of whom are named Summer and Winter).
So, they’ve been “married” together for 16 years and said husband decides to bring another wife in. Her name is Denise. No one likes denise, most especially wife #2. She says there isn’t enough of this husband to go around. It seems like everyone in the family hates denise, except for the father who just wants everyone to get along. The episode (and sadly, I think there’s only one episode) ends with all 4 (wife #1 and 2, Denise and stupid husband) in a discussion about how they can all marry Denise. Wife #1 finally blows up and says she can’t take all the stress anymore and it’s time for Denise to move on. The husband gets-up, taps Denise on the head and apparently that is the sign in psycho-weirdo-pologomist that it’s time to break-up. That’s right, he had his wife break-up for him. However, in a postlogue, the dad says that he doubts he can break-off his feelings for Denise (aka, he’s most likely still sleeping with Denise, even as I type this).
Is anyone still with me?
Mostly, I think that this is the sad story of low self esteem. WHY on earth those two first women thought they should have to share a man for absolutely no good reason, I will never know. However, they currently seem to be fine with the relationship and enjoy it. The other part of this story is WHY does this man think that he can just TELL his wives he’s bringing another in without a care for how it will effect the wifes or the children (heaven forbid we think of the children).
I think the saddest part of the show was an interview with one of his little boys. He looked to be about 8 or 10. They asked him if he was going to have a polygomist relationship like his dad. He said most likely not, but if he got married, and then later found another woman that he loved and if his wife liked her too, he’d marry her too.
Now, honestly — THIS is why we can’t allow gay marriage, because there is no reason that freaks like this can’t want a marriage as well. The children have an extrodinarily squewed viewpoint of life and it’s just plain sad.
Here’s the real kicker, the dad’s a therapist.
He said he’s a real good one too. Uh huh… come here honey, let me soothe your sorrows… wanna be wife number 5?

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    How funny, Brandon and I were flipping through chanels and started watching it, we could not figure out what and the heck these people were doing/thinking. Way to wierd for me.

  2. says

    Ah, America, land of the freaks. Isn’t it crazy that just about any night of the week on one of multiple channels where there’s a crazy show on real people that are living the most ridiculous lives?

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    I watched this show when it was on a couple of months back. The entire time I couldn’t believe those ladies would want to be in a marriage like that. And I didn’t like Denise either, lol.

  4. says

    Wow – I think I need to see if it is coming on again. There is just so much wrong with that let alone men can hardly put up with one wife nagging why would he want three?

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