Mr Wells Fargo

He called me today.
Told me he was taking the situation seriously.
Wondered if I needed his cell phone number.
Who knows if the letters perked some ears, I hope so. I also got back my police report that I filed. It’s officially filed.
On a brighter note, Drew called the cops to Santa Clara after being sworn at repeatedly by a non-student after school.
Oh, and did I mention we beeped on our way out of the library today?
The sun will come out… tomorrow… bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
there’ll be sun…
BTW, check-out the new music feature on the right. I even made it so none of you jump out of your chair not expecting my fantastic tunes. :)

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    What he had to “call” the police. Brandon has two full time officers on his campus. But that’s probably not a good sign. Other than it’s less than some campus’.