My Thoughts on the Rosie/Trump Dispute

You didn’t think I could write about anything else as of late, could you?
No, I am still not watching the View (although it was on in the break room yesterday during the 5 minutes I had to kick my feet up and drink some juice), but I have seen the clips on the news and the internet.
First off, I found it amusing that both of them think of each other what we’re all thinking of them. It’s amusing that Rosie thinks it was a ginormous publicity stunt, as is Trump’s entire life, and that’s just sad. It’s amusing that Trump thinks that Roise is annoying.
HOWEVER, these two are no longer 5 years old (and honestly, what they’re doing would in no way be tolerated on the Ponderosa playground. They have this “second step” program which helps the kids learn to deal with their emotions. You just can’t go on Larry King saying that someone is a fat slob and you just knew that if her lover saw how a man as manly as you she’d leave her. She’s someone’s mother, she’s someone’s sister and more importantly she’s a child of God.
I was talking to my mom yesterday (hi mom!) and she was saying that when some people in our society see Donald Trump out there crapping on Rosie like that, they think it’s fine for them to do it. Which is most likely true! I was just really sad at the whole thing. I would wish that some dignified person out in the public eye would see these two for what they are and call them on it — HARD. Please, someone? Puh-leese?
I also think it’s especially sad that this particular ill-heartedness is coming at Christmas when the Savoir deserves us to be loving each other even more then we normally do.
Anyway, I am normally a watcher of the apprentice. Business situations facinate me, because my work is in no-way anything like the boardroom. My job is actually important and the things I do really will make differences, either good or bad (I’d like to see a reality show about nursing school, now THAT would be good TV). However, I won’t be watching it anymore. Much like my banning of the View I will now do the same for Donald. I was fairly bitter after his whole letter to Martha thing (did anyone see that — did you see the Katie Couric interview after where she asked if there’s any of it he’d just like to take back — he said no, what a loser). But, this pretty much pushed me over the edge.
On a brighter note, Drew and I have finished most of our wrapping last night. Christmas is coming after all. I am actually kind of glad that my parents aren’t having to travel in this mess. I hope they can come out soon though.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. says

    I’m glad your parents didn’t travel in this mess too.

    We missed our flight from San Fran to Seattle because our flight from SLC was very delayed.

    They told us we might not get to Seattle and I was prepared to call you to come get us if that was the case.

    But, we made it. Phewsh!

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