Saturday, December 16, 2006

Not a Complete Disaster

My new little mantra has helped me several times this week.
For instance today -- Safeway on Homestead is having a giant grand opening sale and has SWEET deals. I even brought Drew along so that if there's a limit on a few things, he could get 2 and I could also get 2. Anyway, we had the kids. I forgot to give them my coupons and ended-up paying over 5 dollars extra. I honestly want to have a panic attack. I mean, this isn't a big deal. Right.
This is not a complete disaster {breathe, breathe}.
On an update on an earlier post, I did get a letter today from the people who are in charge of all banks (I think I sent my letter about 2 weeks ago) and they are opening a case against Wells Fargo and will update me. It's nice to know that a letter still gets noticed amongst all the business world these days. I did have a VP at Wells Fargo call me this week to tell me they are taking the matter very seriously. Still couldn't send me a copy of my application though.
Still kinda bitter about that, but not a complete disaster
And on a brighter note, I called Safeway and if I give them my coupons on my next shopping trip along with my receipt, they'll give me the money back. Sigh -- now if I can just remember to do that.


  1. Nothing is a complete disaster. Everything can be fixed. Just takes time...time that is hard to give up. Perhaps that is why it makes it difficult.

  2. I love your mantra... I've thought about it a couple of times this week... feeling overwhelmed by life lately but as my cyber buddy Hilary says "it's not a complete disaster." Thanks cyber buddy!


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