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We had our annual White Elephant party this past weekend.
I love this party.
I forget how much I love this party til’ I’m crying over my delightful appetizers at the great stories and friendships that we all share. Those were tears of laughter by the way, not mushy tears.
Drew and I came home with a lovely pinata, and an even lovelier Napoleon Dynamite keychain.
I am REALLY wishing that I had the excellent picture of Kristin to put on this blog right now. I think it would’ve added a lot.
But, the meat of this story is how grateful I am to have friends here. Our first Christmas we were so anxious to get home, really missed Utah, our families and our friends. We had only lived here for a few months, and although I had to work Christmas eve and Christmas day in order to get a few days off — it was worth it.
Now, although we do still miss our family desperately at this time 0f year we also realize how lucky we are to be surrounded by great friends, most of whom also live away from family and we can feel the joys and the pain of that together.
Merry Christmas to all my friends. So glad we’re here for each other.

Ok, and now for my funny story of the day: Spencer and I both have little colds, so I was just dropping Conner off instead of our usual walk-in for the little fellow. I see these people who have backed about 6 feet out of their driveway and stopped. Their back windshield was clean, but the front was totally iced over {gasp, our temp’s have been getting to about 24 at night lately — OMG — it’s practically antartica!!!!}. Apparently these fancy CA’ians didn’t have an ice scraper, so she was using some junk mail to try and get the frost off, and then it looked like perhaps a make-up brush. Anyway, it made me giggle (and then realieze that I’m not sure where my ice scraper is for the van).
Gosh, it’s hard living here. :)

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    diito to great friends and a great Home ward. I am away on vacation but am missing my home, one year I just want to be able to spend Christmas at home with friends and family not one or the other. Cant believe the cold weather in CA, here in UT we have been below 30 everyday and have been packed with snow, and we do not have a scraper either, CD case works pretty good.

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    I love white elephant gift exchanges. We had one on Saturday. We scored though and got lavendar body wash (that I stole) and a gift bag with a sleigh and starbucks frapps (had Matt still that for me). I couldn’t believe that our Cheetah mug was in demand and someone got stuck with our lampshade thing a ma bob night light.

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    Yeah…so the first time it snowed here in October, we Arizonans were woefully unprepared. Joel used my dustpan. I thought it was pretty ingenious.

  4. says

    I actually want to stay here too! I even called to see how much money it would cost us to switch our flights! I love it here. Traveling, living out of suit cases, keeping Markie quiet on 4 plane rides, snow, and family. I am already exhausted!

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