Persuit of Happyness

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Went to see this film tonight.
I wanted to have a corononary during the film. I was so stressed out with his financial ruin. I also realized how incredibly lucky we are. We’ve had some pretty tight times, but we’ve never thought we might be homeless, and I’ve always known that if it got to that point I had the church and my family that would help us out.
However, the thing I most appreciated about him is that he struggled, and he took risks in order to turn his life around. Recently on Oprah they had a show about people who came-into big money. Someone had done a documentary about a homeless man, they gave him 100k. Just after a year he had nothing. He’d had job offers, but didn’t take anyone up on it. He felt like that 100k would last forever, even though he was paying sticker price for huge-ticket items. That particular Oprah gave me little hope about the world, but this movie just made me realize that there are a lot of people who struggle out there who really want to make it big some day. I want to help those people, but I’m just not sure how.
It’s a good movie, but don’t go wanting to live through a good time, go — to realize a little something about those around you and about yourself.
Love Wil Smith, the man’s the new Tom Hanks, I tell you.

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    My dh and I went to see this a few nights ago. He said they should have called it the “pursuit of depression”. He was very upset that it was so sad throughout the whole movie and that the only “happyness” came in the last minute.

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    Loved that movie too. Have so much respect for WS and what he has done in movies. I also liked that his character used no excuses – like race or anything for his plight. He did such a good job – you could feel his dire situation and you just hoped it would all work out.

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