I am a firm believer in Santa. I believe that God put Santa on the earth to let children, and some of our less-spiritual friends to feel a little bit of God’s love for us. I’m not talking about the fluffy round guy you meet at the mall, but I am talking about his helpers. Some go under the guise of “secret santa” and sometimes they just help others a little more often during the season of Santa.
I am always brought to tears by the good things that people do at Christmas. I appreciate Santa, and I appreciate the feeling of giving that he gives to our country. Today in church I felt the spirit of giving and people counting their blessings so strongly. Even though I had both kids I really got a bit out of the meeting.
This month I’m going to find some santa moments, and hopefully post them on the blog. I know they’re out there, I just need to write them down, and take a moment to appreciate them.

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