Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sunday Will Come

Did anyone read their conference issue of the Ensign?
I am slowly making it through. I try and use the best talks in FHE lessons, but last night I read Elder Worthlin's talk.
I don't really remember much of it from the actual conference session.
For my non-LDS readers, this talk really helps you understand a little bit more about our belief that families are forever.
He talks of the agony that occurs when you lose someone you love. It's just a really great talk. Kind of tied it into this, the season of hope for me.
I also related it to yesterday's entry about how only very few things are complete disasters. He reminds us to keep the final goal in mind -- and perhaps even death should be considered a complete disaster (although, from a medical standpoint it always will be).
Anyway, read the talk.
Go do it.
Oh, and are people having a hard time commenting on my fine blog?
If so -- email me.


  1. I remember hearing his talk...I'll go read it again. I alos do like how it relates to your thoughts about "complete disasters"....not many things really are that bad!!

  2. I just finished reading it... a fabulous talk. I'm so grateful for my knowledge of eternal blessings. Heaven would not be a happy place for me without Brent.

  3. Loved his talk. I've been meaningto blog about eternal families....Hmmmm...


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