A Tale of Two Men

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First off, last night was girls night out. Super good times with my friends, and well-needed after weeks at home with crazed/sick children. Ahh, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. :)
Anywho, we went to BJ’s. It’s actually a really great place to eat. We each got salad, and an entree and dessert, oh and root beer, so we were in no way a “small” tab. Although, we didn’t order beer (BJ’s is a brewery, as well as a restaurant, as are half the restaurants here). So, our waiter totally sucks. We didn’t get drink refills the whole night, no checking on us, poor Miranda’s food came late once, and the totally miffed her dessert order with no sorries (more like, why’d you order that?). Anyway, it comes time for the bill, we all plop down a card for him to put 1/3 on and he proceeds to totally ignore us for about 10 minutes. Miranda even tried to hand him the check once, and he walked right on by. So, Angie goes and talks to the manager, who gave us free drinks, desserts and salad (very generous). Anyway, it was interesting to see someone who takes his job so totally lightly. I mean, if you’re in the service industry you’ve gotta perform some service for your fundage. This guy obviously could care less. Finally, the manager comes over and our server (we’ll call him Adam) comes over and says snarkily “you guys got that taken care of?” Sadly, Adam became the brunt of all jokes for the rest of the evening. BTW, we left him 3 cents for his tip, along with some nasty notes on our credit card receipts. Don’t mess with 3 worn mommies. We also went to Kohls and spend the money we saved on our dinner.
Let’s compare him with Drew. Drew’s been home for a week and a half now, and I fear that I made some disparaging remarks about his house-keeping skills over Christmas. Apparently he took that time to show me how wrong I was. He’s done a great job of keeping up the house, keeping happy kids and all that goes along with that for our family. I, on the other hand, have been delivering San Jose. Anyway, Drew has been so great over the break, I have really appreciated him (and I think he’s ready to run back to school when the time comes).
On a sadder note, all that extra time at O’Connor will be going into our cars. New tires for the “new” car, and some lovely new bearings for the other car.
I’m mildy bitter. Seriously, there is no “extra” money out there — is there?

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    Sounds like fun times! At least you had each other to laught about it with! I hope that guy gets fired!!

    I’m so sorry about the cars…putting gas in them is expensive enough! Just feel lucky that you have the money to cover it, even if it can’t be counted as “extra.” Some of us have to go into debt for things like that!

  2. says

    Never fails. Every time I think I have this great windfall, I have to put the money towards something “practical” like cars (usually cars) or medical expenses or a new carseat. :) But thank goodness my Christmas money won’t be buying a new carseat this year, but it is possibly going to help Joel’s car out a bit…

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