Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Vinyl Letters

A few friends have asked if I know anyone that does Vinyl letters, and I DO!!! I got some a few weeks ago to put over the boy's towel bars... since they can't seem to figure it out and I wanted to try them. Anyway, there are a few benefits I've found so far.
1. They're so thin! They look just like I painted them on. Makes me feel fancy!
2. Very easy to put on, and if you make a mistake they peel right off. My "dealer" also tells me that when you move you just peel them right off. Have yet to move, but I'll keep my peeps informed.
3. Spencer has learned to spell his name while sitting on the potty. :D
Anyway, I really like them. My friend's email is <trixiejolley@yahoo.com>, and her name is Michelle. She's really nice and shipping is pretty dang reasonable too. She's supposed to be sending me some other photos to give you guys ideas if you want them. She has like 14 colors, and the pricing is $0.06/ sq inch. I think I got these two sent to me for around 10 bucks. I think. Also, she can do any font you want and she's super nice.
So, email me or her with any questions.


  1. Wow - that is cool. I know a nother person that does this too. She is the wife of one of our Accountants out of our UT office. Keep posting ideas -maybe I'll get inspired to order some!

  2. You are SUPER organized. Nice.

  3. Very cool! I'm on a vinyl kick myself... I'm waiting on a big one... it's a secret for now but I'll post it when I get it.

    Love what you've done with yours!


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