Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ok, has anyone see this website?
Click on the "products" and then "swim" -- they look really cute.
I emailed them asking how a boutique at my house works... would anyone be interested?
A) I think they're REALLY cute, but I wonder how they fit a big gal, such as myself)
B) I'm kinda weirded out, what they sell is REALLY close to modbod... and I also think these t-shirt places for Mormons esp. are kind of taking over the planet. Anyone else?

Dick and Jane

Have you guys seen that movie? Something about Dick and Jane, it has Jim Carey and Tea something (not a clue how to spell her name). Anyway, we got it on Monday night to unwind after our big trip. It's about how he works for a company that's similar to Enron and loses his job, along with like 90% of the community and how hard it is.
I was SUCH a stress case for the beginning of the movie. Him losing his job, and possibly his house, and everything they own....I was just freaking out! It's like my worst nightmare.
Anyway, the movie was funny, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're prone to financial panic attacks.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Don't Forget to Remember

My title is the theme to either my prom or my graduation, I am leaning towards graduation... but I could most definately be wrong.
I remember how DUMB we thought this was in high school (and I sitll think it's mildly dumb -- we'd always go "I forgot to remember".... anyway, we were in HS). As I sit here on Memorial Day I realize it is important not to forget to remember. A lot of great people did great things so that we could be here, in our posh AC'd lives. It's important for us to remember to do things right as well, so that our kids can have their posh own lives.
I scrapbook, so I won't forget to remember. There are so many things about my kids lives that I don't want to forget. I'm already forgetting Spencer's "baby-hood" and let's not even talk about what I remember about Conner's. I am grateful for this hobby.
On a sidenote, we're back from Sacramento with one of Drew's bands (he's not actually the leader of this one -- a long story) they were great as always, and as always, it's nice to be home.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Miracle of the Snake and the Pipe

So, kind of out of nowhere our shower stopped draining. I tried boiling water, and vinegar and baking soda... no avail. Still not draining, so I go to Home Depot tonight (Drew had a concert tonight, of course) and I get myself a drain snake. I come home, I snake for like 1.5 hours. I am ENTIRELY frustrated, and I am actually thinking it is draining WORSE than when I started. I called my friend's, Cindy, husband (Dave) who is a general contractor, and we figure it is just a clog under the shower, not having anything to do with bigger pipes because all of the other pipes are running OK.
Finally, feeling a little like my world is crumbling (did I mention I love, LOVE, LOVE to shower in my own bathroom, regardless of how small it is) around me, I say a prayer. I tell Heavenly Father how frustrated I am how it's not working and how we are paying our tithing and we want to buy a minivan and not go into debt and I REALLY don't want to pay a plumber. I did feel better, just venting my feelings to a loving father, and felt that perhaps our lot in life was to pay a plumber, but I thought I'd give it a few more tries.
I go in (mind you, this is on hour like 2) and I keep going back and forth, back and forth and then all of the suddent the snake is stuck. I can't pull it out and I'm thinking (oh great, a BIGGER bill to get the snake as WELL as the clog out of my pipe) and then it pops and the water drains. Seriously, less than 5 minutes from my prayer. The drain is draining better, not great -- but I am seeing improvement.
(**Note: this is where the miracle part kinda ends and the gross part starts, FYI) About 20 minutes later I pull the NASTIEST hairball ever out of the drain. SEriously, initially I thought it was a rat... but sadly, it's probably 80% my own hair coming out. And now, shockingly, the pipe runs like a dream. I think I may be off to home depot again tomorrow to find a better cover for our drain (so as not to let small animals down it).
**back to miracle... I truly don't believe in coincidences like this. I believe a loving Heavenly Father saw how frustrated I was and my sincere desires and somehow made the snake word that time. I am grateful for the little ways he shows me he loves me. I have a testimony that often, it is just our job to ask, and show faith, and Heavenly Father will do the rest.
And now, if you'll excuse me, I have some NASTINESS to clean-out of my shower.
And, did I mention Drew's STILL at the concert....


We have dental insurance, and we've never had a problem prior to this. But we just decided to switch dentists over spring break to try something new. OMG, this guy is billing like CRAZY!!! We had to come twice, once for X-rays and the dentist to see us, and then another visit for a cleaning and peridontal check-up. HOWEVER, the insurance only pays for 2 visits in 12 months. I'm just SO BUGGED. I hate it when I feel like people who I am doing transactions with are being dishonest. We have one of the largest dental insurance companies around here, and I know they must deal with them all the time and what they do, and do not pay for, yet they seem to act like everyone's just fine paying out of pocket for things that, if done appropriately, the insurance would pay for.
Maybe I'm just skeptical, but I hate being cheated, or even the air of cheating...
Ok, jumping off my soapbox to put Spencer down for a nap.


We have dental insurance, and we've never had a problem prior to this. But we just decided to switch dentists over spring break to try something new. OMG, this guy is billing like CRAZY!!! We had to come twice, once for X-rays and the dentist to see us, and then another visit for a cleaning and peridontal check-up. HOWEVER, the insurance only pays for 2 visits in 12 months. I'm just SO BUGGED. I hate it when I feel like people who I am doing transactions with are being dishonest. We have one of the largest dental insurance companies around here, and I know they must deal with them all the time and what they do, and do not pay for, yet they seem to act like everyone's just fine paying out of pocket for things that, if done appropriately, the insurance would pay for.
Maybe I'm just skeptical, but I hate being cheated, or even the air of cheating...
Ok, jumping off my soapbox to put Spencer down for a nap.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Celebrating Conner

Last night was Conner's classroom celebration. Basically, it's similar to the school open house, but it's for the kids to show how far they've progressed and how great they are. Conner's teacher did a "Kindergarten Treasure Book" which is SO great. It has projects and pictures from the whole year. It is currently conner's favorite treasure, he'll read it to anyone willing to sit for more than 30 seconds. I am SO glad he's had Mrs. Ross. He has come a long way this year... drawing and writing so much better. We went out for slurpees for celebration.
Mrs. Ross, again, has been SO great this year. Which leads to my second paragraph, they're picking classes for next year today (there's no school today... go figure). I have complete faith in Mrs. Ross. She knows Conner almost as well as I do (and she knows his school "persona" -- it, being a little different than his "home" persona even better). So, I know she'll make a good decision. But, in true Hilary form I can't help but freak-out. I have always believed that your children will get the right teacher for them, and it may not be because that is the best teacher. It may need that they need to learn things. I had a teacher in 3rd grade that I wasn't too fond of. She told me I'd never learn math (because I couldn't memorize times tables -- perhaps she didn't know that high school calculus didn't involve much memorization of the times tables). Anyway, I got through it, and I strived to be a better math student.
Anyway, last night I said a little prayer that Conner would get the right teacher for them (although, I'll admit, there's one teacher we're hoping for). I know he will.... but we all know how I like to worry. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NEVER EVER think you have the best FHE ever

Ok, I come to you on humbled legs this morning with my blog entry about FHE. I read President Monson's Talk "True to the Faith" for this weeks Family Home Evening. It has a great analogy in it about how people in Tonga would use these maka-feke to lure octopusses and catch them. He used this as analogy of how satan tempts us to do the right thing -- he makes it look good, and cool and then too late we realize it's not and we're already trapped. I immediately came-up with our own fishing game and I made a "lure" (a magnetic wand with bright pieces of felt tied on and some alluminum foil for good measure) and a bunch of fish with temptations we might have written on them. I thought I was so snappy, and smart.
Turns out my kids like fishing a lot more than they like talking about bad decisions we can make. And I was frustrated because I thought it was pretty-much the best FHE ever and no one was interacting about the words ON the fish (pretty much everyone just wanted to fish).
Anyway, I think a little point got across, but I was the one who REALLY got the point. FHE is about instilling small nuggets of truth in these two boys. If they realized that doing drugs or smoking might look cool, but would trap you in a world of hurt, that FHE did its job.
Anyway, that's our FHE... it was actually pretty fun for the kids, and not that hard to do.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I have been reading Cathy Z's new book. I am loving it. I recommend it to all scrappers and would-be scrappers. Good stuff.
Look at me all scrabooking! Posted by Picasa

A couple of new layouts Posted by Picasa

a side note

For those of you who have enjoyed my last blog entry, let me add a side note.
I was so impressed that after that period of time I could even RIDE the bike. We bought it at a garage sale and Drew wanted me to test-ride it, but I was afraid to biff it in front of all my neighbors. BUt, I didn't -- I rode it home like a champ (with a few little bobbles... but I didn't end-up on the grass). Anyway, isn't it amazing that your brain can take something you learned SO long ago and use it to do it again -- 8 years later?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Riding a Bike

So, I got a bike for my birthday. We had our famous block sale this past weekend, and a guy down the street fixes-up bikes for it, and sells them at the garage sale. He gave us a sweet deal on a fairly decent ladies bike.
Anyway, I haven't ridden a bike in probably 8 years, maybe 9. I had one in college that i'd write up the hill behind the (now defunct) Macdonald Health Center and then cruise across campus and then down to the Cannon Center.
But ladies, something has changed in those eight years.
Can anyone say episiotomy?
Seriously, how did I ride my bike for hours on end before this? I am hoping to work-up to it (and I did just go buy a nice gel pad to put on my bike seat) but curently I'm having a problem sitting anywhere (except our cushy couch).
On a brighter note, it did make my thighs burn in some nice weight-loss areas, so I'm excited to build-up how long I can ride it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Being 30 makes you look pregnant and have quadruple chins

... and I'm dealing with that...
My friends took me to the Cheesecake factory and spoiled me rotten. Free food, free laughs (and yes, dad I know there's no such thing as "free") and then we had TO DIE FOR CAKE at my Visiting Teacher's House (Ginger). She's basically the best VT'er a gal could HAVE... but it was awesome... and here's some pictures to prove the event happened.
AND, Emily VanDyke -- how did you get out of pictures? YOU OWE ME ONE!!!! Anyway, thanks you guys, you made this pretty-much my best birthday ever since I was eight and my mom let me have a friends party (my first) where I was able to go to Cloud 9, in the mall and get favors...
I want to give a shout-out to two special people:
1. CINDY -- that was the NICEST present ever. I am so touched by the thoughts everyone shared with me. Kisses and hugs to all of you!
2. DREW -- thanks for taking the kids last night, seriously, it was all a mom could ask for (besides some nice new shoes). The boys were going to go on a fathers and sons campout trip but thanks to the first rain we've had in WEEKS they stayed home. You can see a bit of their fun here (Drew's an amazing dad, and so great not to let them down on this one!)
Love everyone... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

A little visit to the scrapbook store

Got a few things today at the scrapbook store. One nice thing about having a birthday today is I could use my Mother's Day gift card AND get my birthday discount at scrapbook dreams.
Oh, and on a sidenote HELLO EK Success coming out all cute. I really like a lot of their stuff... do you guy ssee the arrows and the stickers on the right with the & and ?. Anyway, really cute!

Just seeing how many posts I can do to call attention to the fact that it's my birthday!

Last night I checked-out my journal from my 20th birthday. On a fun note, I met Drew on my 20th birthday. He was at my party, he was friends with my roommates, but because I didn't live with them (I moved home during the summers -- all 1 mile) -- anyway, I met him at my party.
BUT, my life was SO different... and so much the same.
1. All I could talk about was boys and nursing (getting INTO nursing school, to be more precise) -- but what do I talk about now?... boys (these being a tad littler than the previous ones, or older in Drew's case) and nursing (my job).
2. I was SO DANG INTO BOYS. I mean, seriously, every other day I was in love with some other guy (many of whom I worked at the Cannon Center with). Dan, Dave, Tim, some guy I referred to as "roll boy." Yikes.
3. I was so afraid of not getting into nursing school (applications were due about a week after my birthday), stressed about the application, stressed about where my life would go. However, in the long run of things -- HELLO, this WAS something to be concerned about. I mean, imagine if I wasn't a nurse -- would I even be the same person I am today?
Anyway, a lot has changed in those 10 years, probably WAY more than will change in the next 10 years. Funny to look back.... What were YOU doing 10 years ago?

My work... my kids

FYI -- my work, and my children could care LESS that I am turning 30 today. Thanks to O'Connor with a 6 am wake-up call (no, I have kids -- I can't come in)... followed by Conner waking up WAY too early and deciding to come and clear his throat, and cough a bit in my room (thank you Mr. Allgergies).
Oh yeah... so far, my 30's are real, real bright.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Who Am I

Each year, in my journal on my birthday (or the day before) I recount how the year's gone, and how I feel I'm doing in my goals.
Where did I think I'd be at 30. I think, in the back of my mind, growing-up 30 was my "goal" -- be married, have kids the white pickett fence and all that jazz.
Is this how I thought my life would be? No.
I had no idea what motherhood would take from me, I don't know WHAT I really envisioned my career being. Did I have a clue that scrapbooking would be the part of my life that it is now? No.
Did I know how much I would love being a mother? DEFINATELY not. I so enjoy all these moments with my little guys. I can't believe the things we share. And two boys -- frankly, kids -- that was never in the picture back when I was 12.
Actually, in the big picture of things -- this is exactly where I thought I'd be at 30. Happy at home. I think as you look back, all those little things don't really matter quite as much -- just bumps, or jumps in the road.

Maybe I should say it's my "last post" more often

Ok, Drew and I thought the idea up for this layout a long time ago. Amusing... don't cha' think?

Ok, so that wasn't the LAST post...

I knew I'd come-through with another layout before I'm 30 :) This was one of those, "I have no pictures but i really want to say something" type of moments. And no, the fancy swirls are not my doing, thanks to an early gift card from my friend Shannon I am now the proud owner of my first digital scrapbooking kit by Rhonna Farrer...

Also, I just got my BHG Baby book back in the mail. Although the sidebar I wrote doesn't have my name near it, and most of the words aren't mine -- it's in there... and I "wrote it" (or, I handed-over many ideas for 50 bucks... more like that). And SPENCER is getting his editorial debut as my child. He was in a VERY tiny picture in MM but now this is the big time 6 big pictures of my little guy.

One final post from a 29 year old

... unless of course I make a page, or find another soapbox to stand on...
but PEOPLE... I'm BEGGING YOU. LOOK AT YOUR DAUGHTERS. Ok, I went to Drew's school today, had to drop something off to him, and I see this girl get out of the car. He black skirt BARELY covering-up her gluteal cheeks and her tank top showing a couple good inches of belly...
Now I know we have freedom of speech and freedom of clothes but what happened to gold old fashioned GOOD TASTE. It's not that hot outside and do we all need to look like sex symbols all of the time?
Anyway, I saw this girl's mother drop her off and I just wanted to run-up and shake her. Anyway, I just think that we need to start realizing the consequences for our actions (and dress).
Ok, off my soapbox... hoping my fragile bones won't break as I jump down.

Someone loves me...

My friend Joanna is SO awesome -- especially since it's HER birthday today. THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Does anyone remember cute Baby Spencer?

Well, WHERE has that cute baby gone to? His new thing (and he usually pulls it out to use while we're getting out the door to take Conner to school) is to look at me and say no, and then run the other direction. I mean, seriously... who thinks that game is fun? So, I've just made it clear that if I have to come get him, it will NOT be a fun experience.
I know it's a part of being 2, but WHY oh WHY IS IT?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Look at me all scrappin'...

Got a bit of mo-jo on, did a couple pages... I haven't scrapped in like 3 weeks. Embarassing, but I'm still on February photos...

Erickson Family FHE 5/15

I have thought maybe some of my friends would like some of my FHE ideas. I use the last General Conference to base my FHE lessons off of.
Tonight's was based off of Henry B Eyring's Talk "As a Child" I took my usual tangent to apply it to a 2 and 5 year old's lives and we talkeda bout the differences between childlike and childish.
We quoted the scripture that we are to become like a child in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. I tried to make it clear that there are many childLIKE attributes that are very important for all people to posses (being loving, submissive, humble and patient). I had the definitions of childish and childlike up on a flannel board and then we took turns pulling-out different things, to which we categorized them as childish or childlike (aka, yelling and screaming through our house, or being willing to take criticism).
I think that Conner felt proud that he had many of the characteristics that God wants us to have. Anyway, maybe that'll help someone!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mommy Love

I think, like most girls, me and my mom have gone through phases. We were gal pals when I was little, didn't want a THING to do with her as I hit Jr. High and High School, called her, maybe, once a week while I was in college and then I got married. I think the phone calls slowly increased and then... I had a baby.
Having a baby changes every facet of your life -- not the least of those, being your relationship with your mother. All of the sudden you realize she didn't mean to make mistakes with your life, and that her intentions were always good, regardless of your required outcome.
Once, I would've DIED to be living in my own place and have my mom come to visit for almost 2 weeks, and now I lay at night dreaming about it.
My children adore her.
My husband does more than tolerates her.
and I call her every day now (pretty much).
So, this is a salute to my mom. I know that she has pretty-much stayed the same person and it just took me a while to come back around. I love you mom, and check me out -- you did alright. :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

"Mom's a Special Lady"

Here we are at Conner's school today. Mrs. Ross did a little thing for the moms.
Did I mention she rocks?
Just wondered...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A little photo session

Did I mention I can't say photo sho0t without my filter freaking out?
Anyway, I did a little session for some good friends tonight. Their little guy is SO cute, I can't get enough of these BABIES (so easy to shoot, not to take care of).
I ended-up taking 300 shots. I have no idea what's average for a 1 hour shoot, but I feel like maybe that's a lot? I do take quite a few of each "pose" (although i'm not much of a poser).
Anyway, it was a great time -- Thanks Ana and Zach for letting me part of your evening!

My Little Career

I've had a lot of friends ask me how I got into nursing. I had a lot of friends ask me if I was SURE this is something I wanted to do (as I was not accepted one semester to the BYU nursing program, and then went though 5 semesters of GRUELING nursing school).
It started in High School. I enjoyed science but I didn't want to be a doctor or a scientist, as I knew my ultimate goal would be motherhood. Nursing seemed like a smart career path, and unlike today, it wasn't a popular choice for most high school seniors (except in Utah -- a TON of friends wanted to be nurses, but dropped out when they realized the requirements at college). I remember a late night talk in which an aunt of mine just asked, "Hilary you don't really seem like a caring person" (and yes, she may have said it nicer, but it didn't sound any nicer to my ears) "are you sure this is what you want to do?"
I have learned something in the almost NINE years (can you believe that?) that I have been a nurse. Nursing takes a special kind of caring. You can't be the type that will break down in tears when you pull a bandaid off your child. I became jaded as I stuck child after child in my first job in a pediatrician's office. Let's just say we gave LOTS of shots.
If I wasn't as strong of a person, I probably wouldn't have made it through the 3 years that I worked in a nursing home, and then moved on to hospice.
And now, on a daily basis (at least on the days that I work) my caring hand has to take a sharp tone with doctors who perhaps don't take the patient's interest as their own. My caring hand has brought life back to babies hearts as their bodies are welcomed to our air-breathing world.
I have learned that caring comes in many forms. Humor, empathy, telling the truth instead of softening it for fear of reactions.
I am so grateful for my job choice and it's amazing that even though I didn't, perhaps, fit the mold I sure fit the bill.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Last night Drew's cousin came over, and although he's not my family, I felt myself having those cravings for family.
Everyone we know here has known us five years or less (ok, almost everyone -- there's a couple exceptions). We are starting to have a "past" but it's rare. When we're around family, it's so nice to sit down and chat about old times -- for them to know our history and stuff.
Just makes me wish we had those experiences more often.
Anyone else feel this way?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

T minus 10 days and counting

Ok, what on earth does the "T" stand for in that particular phrase?
Anyway, today I'd like to focus on all the great friendships I've made in my, almost 30 years.
I have always been really lucky. I've had good friends around me my whole life, people that wanted to support me, to help me choose the right. I think that a lot of that came from my parents guiding me to the right people when I was little.
As a mom, I feel like my friendships are what keep me plugging along. Knowing that other women are going through the same mommy experiences that I am. Even when you think you just can't take it anymore, you know your friends have all come to that point too.
A while ago Drew was asking who I thought of as my "best friend" (besides him, of course). I had no answer for him. I have so many great friends that I go to for different things. They are all so varied and different.
People, I am a lucky girl.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The final countdown

Well, all of my friend have had "turning 30" posts on their blogs, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I have less than two weeks until the big day comes.
And frankly, I don't really care. So far, I'm not feeling like I have regrets... kind of sad it's the same night as the father and son's camp-out, but I'm dealing with that.
I always thought I'd be done having kids by the time I'm 30... and while that's a possiblity (seems a lot more possible on Sundays when Drew is conducting the music and I'm alone on the bench) I don't feel like it's likely.
Other than that, I kind of feel like I'm "on my course" In fact, I thought today I'd make a list of some of my favorite things that have happened before I was 30:
1. Played Hail to the Chief for the president
2. My little sidebar's coming out soon... probably too excited for this one.
3. Delievered more than one baby on my own (with a little back-up from my friends)
4. Saved a couple lives... sorta
5. Married my best friend.
So, I'm gonna try and stay on the positive side of this little junction... maybe just continue to list some of the favorite moments in my life.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Objective

I have always had one big problem with the Mormon church. Most of it stems from the fact that when I was 12 I was learning to do a perfect gift wrap, instead of thinking about what I wanted to do when i grew-up.
Sometimes I think we, as church members, look beyond the purpose of an activity and go INSANE with it. We spend hours planning the activity, we recuit other people to also spend hours on it and then it happens and yes... it's an activity... but could it have been done with more hours devoted to our family? Would the objective have still have been met with less hours spent?
It's a big beef I have. Just feeling it a tad more than I usually do. I guess I'm just a simple gal, who doesn't mind a potluck. Give me bagel bites and my good friends and I'm a happy camper.
PS our ward activity this Saturday is gonna rock, and this particular blog has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. Remember to RSVP friends. :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Luxuries of Living Above the Poverty Line

Today I worked postpartum, which isn't my favorite, but I'm getting used to it. I had a patient who was very anxious and sad about going home. Her husband works 2 jobs and she already has one other child. I can't imagine going home to face my life without my husband's help because he can't take a few days off. Plus, she had a c-section, so she had that to heal from as well!
It made me grateful that I have a husband who can take some paid paternity leave, that we have insurance, that we don't rent an RV to live in (seriously here people). Sometimes there's things that I take for granted that other people would kill for.
I am a lucky, lucky gal...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tomorrow: An Official Day of Mourning

Ok, call me crazy but I always think it's so insane when the president declares and official day of mourning. I mean, shouldn't mourning come as you feel it? Let's remember I used to be a hospice nurse... I'm all over mourning.
Anyway, I am already declaring tomorrow an official day of mourning at the Ericksons. You see, grandma is going home {sigh}. I have started preparing Spencer for the fact that Grandma is leaving, and he's already in denile. Vigorous shaking of the head insues each time she says she's going. So, tomorrow at 12:00'ish when we drop her off, if you hear a high pitch scream, you can know it's coming from our Forrester.
Oh well, if you never know the sadness, you'll never know the joy of when we walk into their house in about 2 months from now.
OH yeah, and I just saw this I believe that book may have healing powers.... great sidebars too, coughcough by Hilary Erickson RN, BSN coughcoughsneeze.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Good Friend Cindy

This is my good friend Cindy. She just moved, and I feel very sad that she's not just down the street anymore (and let's not EVEN mention she's not available for trading babysitting with anymore). However, my friend Ginger and I are having a "Bon Voyage to San Jose" party for them. They've been in our ward (it's a church group, for those of you less-Mormon-educated) forever (before we moved in) and I think they deserve a proper sending off (even if it's just 15-20 minutes away).
So, bang the bottle of champagne on their "hull" the Zimbauers are off.
Party's at Ginger's at 6 pm this Sunday. Bring a treat if you can. Call me if you need more info, and please pass the word along. We're not going to announce it in church to avoid hurt feelings, but everyone's invited.
I miss you Cindy.
P.S. Does anyone think this will re-direct the confusion that we are the same person?

Monday, May 01, 2006

I admit it

Ok, so I am a huge Desperate Housewives fan. I know many of my readers think it's a slutty awful show that only tramps would watch, and I'll let you think what you may about me, but I have something to say.
Last night Gabrielle's baby was taken away from her (they adopted a baby a few epidsodes ago). The birth mother decided she wanted to try the "parent thing" for a while.
I am grateful that such a popular show brought something really important to life. When moms give-up their babies it needs to be permenant. That baby needs to stay with its "mother" (in this case Gabrielle) for the rest of its life, and the adoptive parents should have NO worries that their baby might not stay their baby.
I just think that adoption is scary enough without having to worry if the sweet babe is going to stay yours or not. Anyway, I wish it would be something they would standardize nation-wide (because, from what I have heard, the waiting period for the adoption to close varies from state to state).
And that's all I have to say about that.


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