Monday, June 26, 2006

Update on a non-DVD playing life

So, I sit here... reviewing my day. So far, the no-DVD player in the car life is going OK. The Boys are TOTALLY into the tickets, and they LOVE getting the stickers afterwards. I think it's been the highlight so far. Plus, it's not constant "mom, when can I have a new toy" whining in the car (although, there is a fair amount of " MOM when's it going to be 60 miles?").
Anyway, so far so good....
PS the 88 cent GI Joe at Walmart is only worth 88 cents, his legs keep falling off....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sacramento Temple Open House

I know that many of my friends have wondered what we do at our temples, and what they look like inside. I must tell you, it's not all that exciting to the outside viewer, but this is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into it before it's closed to only members.
The Sacramento Temple is having their open house next month and it will be open to the public for about a month. You do need a ticket to get in though, and tickets can be obatined through this website (children of all ages can go). Drew and I just got our tickets, and I'm really excited to share the temple with Conner, to let him know it's not scary, but beautiful, sacred and worth dedicating your life for.
Email me if you have any questions!


Ok, big news.
I'm famous.
Someone from my friends ward shared something in church from my blog.
Little did she know I tried to encourage false doctrine in my friends talk today in sacrament meeting (Drew was on the stand, I thought it'd liven the meeting up for me)...
they didn't do it (sigh).
Anyway... just thought my loyal readers should know. :)

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Ok, I just wanted to say that I am a slave to my sleep. I worked til' 3:30 AM the other night. Then, I got-up two days later and went to work at 6 am.
I am unable to blog on such little sleep.
Just thought I'd let you know.
PS Why on EARTH did every one have their baby this week? Seriously.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

FHE last night

So, our FHE was on fighting again last night. This time I chose to focus on the trip to UT and how were were ALL going to peacemakers on the trip.
First, I asked who wanted to have a VERY fun trip to UT (and we all raised our hands -- Spencer is a HUGE raise his hand-er), and then I asked who wanted to have an awful trip to UT (Spencer still raised his hand, but I digress). I think asked the question who was going to make it a great trip to UT. We played hangman to get the answer "peacemakers". BTW -- hangman was great at this age. Spencer is just learning his letters, and was able to play along, even though he couldn't guess the word.
Then, we went on to talk about how kids (and really everyone) have a funny thing inside their head that makes them think that whatever toy someone else has is the FUNNEST TOY IN THE WORLD. And Conner got this smile on his face because he KNEW that was true. So we said how all kids feel that way, and even sometimes gown-ups feel that way. Then, we went on to talk about how it's OK to get angry if someone takes a toy or whatever, but we need to get over the anger and figure out a solution that everyone likes.
So, Drew and I had a play fight over a toy in the car, and then we worked-out a situation that was agreeable to the both of us. We asked Conner if he thought he could do something like that, and we went over some other possible situations. Reminding him that it was the FIGHTERS job to come-up with the solution, not mom and dad.
And then we ended the lesson on the fact that whoever was being a REALLY good peacemaker would get to choose our "sixty mile treat" from the special treat bag in the car (I typed-up some car games, getting a present, etc and put them all in a baggie so they could pick a game each time they turned-in a ticket).
So... there it is... wish us luck next week!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Day For Dads

HAPPY FATHERS DAY everyone! I have a little blog story to go along with the event (as always!).
Last night I worked post partum. I had a patient, she was 23, and had a baby and the father of the baby was not involved. She was really cute, had a TON of cute clothes for this new babe and she and I grew to be fast friends on my few visits into her room (I also transferred a baby into the NICU -- so it truly was a few visits). Anyway, I asked her if him not being involved was something that she wanted a Social Services consult for (normaly this situation would require one, but she seemed to have a lot of support and was older than most of our social service-needing-moms). She was like, "No!" Why would that be a problem, just because the father's not involved."
And in a moment there, I just felt sad. To think there was no reason to have a dad.
I mean, my dad's my rock. He's there to give me financial advice, he was there to say yes when my mom said no. He's a rockstar. Drew has a totally different way with our boys. He's the one that tosses them up in the air, he's the one that plays hide and go seek. He's the one. Not me.
Anyway, I'm grateful to have grown-up with my dad and to have a great father for my own kids. Made me feel a tad more appreciative knowing I was so blessed. So, dad's out there -- take a bow. You're mucho needed.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Thoughts on Breastfeeding

I keep seeing all this "controversy" on the news latel about breast vs. bottle. Some of you know that I didn't breastfeed. I would say it wasn't really an option, because I didn't have enough milk. I am sure there are some people out there who said I should've tried harder, and longer and with more vigor. Truth be told... I was too tired. I pumped vigorously for a week, but with no results with that for a while, as well as trying to take medications to increase which either didn't work, or made me crazy I decided to stop.
Truth be told, I know that breastfeeding IS better.
It's cheaper, it's easier when you're out, you don't have to carry refridgeration with you all the time, it's obviously better for your baby.
I just don't get what the whole brew-ha-ha is though. Seems like the answer is that breastfeed if you can, and if you can't -- you've made that decision. PLENTY of parents don't read to their children, or put them in shotty daycares, or don't play with them, and we don't attack them. Everyone just does the best they can. And I'm pretty sure that 90% of moms feel this same way.
To quote Top Chef, "It is what it is."

Friday, June 16, 2006

They're First Graders!!!!

Last Day...

Ok, peeps, I'm an emotional wreck. I am WAY too much in love with Conner's teacher... and here's the sad news... TODAY IS HIS LAST DAY IN MRS. ROSS'S CLASS!!!!! So, here you'll see the little card we made, including a little (and I do mean little) gift card to Barnes and Noble.
I know I'm no good at change.
I know I don't like uncertainty (aka, who in the WORLD is going to be his teacher next year... they can never measure-up).
I know I hate both of those double because it involves my child, for whom I am responsible for.
Anyway, does anyone feel this way? I remember feeling it last year at the pre-K graduation, and I can see how smashing this year turned out.
Anyway, I just know I'm grateful he was in Mrs. Ross's class and had such a great experience. And through gritted teeth, I say "I am excited for what next year holds."

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cute travel idea

I saw this on the Scrapbooks Etc. Website.
Who ever said scrapbooking wasn't useful. :) Anyway, I think it's a cute idea. I know Conner would TOTALLY get into it, but I'm not so sure about Spencer. Whatcha' all think?

Yet Another Bit of Random Facts...

Alright, first my thoughts on Brittany Spears. Did anyone see her on the Today show this AM? I guess she's going to be on Dateline tonight. Anyway, she was just a ball of tears, I felt really bad for her. I know that she wanted all the press in the beginning, she does stunts to get attention... and now she's just crying to be left alone. I know she's just a mom now and wants to be that way, alone. I think it's one of those cases of be careful what you wish for.

My second matter is, I've had to decrease the number of blogs I look at. Does anyone else feel this way? I have a few that are basically complete strangers that I've emailed a couple of times, but as summer approaches, and Conner will be home full time I really think it's time to focus on my family. oh, and the fact that I just scheduled myself to work almost every day next week. Seriously... Drew calls this his "vacation"?

And finally, when do kids grow-up? You only notice it in tiny little spurts, but I literally feel pain when I see it. I know that's a big part of the reason I like photography so much, is capturing their essence at that day, at that time, at the second. I never want to let it go, and I have fears about change. but, that's a blog for another day....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some of my favorite blogs

On a request from my friend Carly (who is also a rockstar) I am posting some of my more favorite blogs.
My friend Joanna
My friend Shannon
My friend Lara
Mundo funny blog
Anyway... these are the ones I'm thinking of... while I'm trying to ignore the fact that my kitchen needs cleaning.
Still just basking the glory of my good friends....

That's what Friends are For...

Tonight I hosted (along with my buddy Michelle) a baby shower for my good friend Becky. It was truly a pleasure to do it. Becky has become one of my closest friends here and I love being around here. I also love being around all of my other friends. I am so glad to be near people who "get" me. I just feel truly blessed.
On a sidenote. Conner has started a spongebob typing class (it's a computer game). I was so amazed how quickly he's picking up which finger goes to each letter.
The kid's a rockstar, I'm telling you. AND I bribed him with cake, to stay in his room and go to sleep while we had the shower. He'll have a nice piece waiting for him tomorrow.
Happy baby Becky!!!!


Someone needed a better mommy....

My traditional views on DVD players in cars

(because I love nothing more when I'm at home)
When I was 2, my parents drove from UT to VA, and back again. And when I was THREE, they drove from UT to Princeton, and back again. They did this all without a DVD player.
Seriously, how insane is that?
I completely know I'd love the DVD player. I know I would. I think my kid would even enjoy it becuase it's a rare occasion that I allow them to watch a movie at our house.
Somehow I want to prove to myself that I'm just as good as my mom and I can make it from just CA to UT without audiovisual enteratinment (but we do use a lot of audio entertainment -- love the tunes in the car). And, although I am going to regret saying these words in 2 weeks. This is family time. Time to talk, time to play together, time to sing... and I know none of that would happen if we had a DVD player. Pretty much, the whole trip would be
Conner: "Mom, when can we watch a movie"
Spencer: "Meeme {movie}, Meeme, Meeme"
Conner: "How many numbers do I have to count to, til' I get to watch a movie?"
Sepencer: "Meeme, Meeme, MEEEME" {blood curdling scream}
Conner: "Mom, Spencer's screaming."
Drew: "Can't you do something? I can't concentrate on driving."
Mom: "[portions of this conversation were not allowed due to my filter]!!!! And WHERE is the Benedryl?"
Anyone seeing this picture in their minds eye?
Anyway, those are my thoughts. Take them for what you paid for them. :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

It Takes a Lot of Crap to Drive Across the Salt Flats

I just spent all of my 5th to the last day of Kindergarten (2 of which will be spent AT Kindergarten) going from store to store to get sTuFf to take to Utah on our trip. Of course, there were a few things to get for the baby shower I'm hosting (waiving to Becky) but most of it was crap to fill time for our backseat friends.
Let's see... I got transformers, play cell phones, some lighted necklaces, those little water games, tiny slinkies, little video games, play cars...ok... perhaps it'd be faster to say what I didn't get -- plutonium, and sharp knives.... pretty much anything else, it's in my bags. I have 2 concerns:
1) Filling the time. Does anyone have some stuff they've used in the car that got rave reviews? I am not against buying more stuff.
2) Dealing with the 2 fighting over the stuff that we do have (I swear each one ALWAYS wants what the other one has, and then we switch and they want what the other one has.... and we switch). Anyway, I have a little plan on doing FHE next week on sharing, etc. That book "Siblings without Rivalry" gave me some great ideas, and it's somethig I'd like to talk about before we embark on our journey. BUT, does anyone have any bright ideas on that one?
Ok, and before ANYONE mentions a DVD player. I have a firm belief (stupid as it may be) that children should be able to sit still, enjoy the journey and not be glued to a DVD player for our 13 hour drive. So, I'm talking learning toys, things we can all do together. Good crap like that.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Absolutely Nothing to Say

So... I'm totally blogged-out. I have NOTHING to say. School's almost out. Of course that's cause for jubilation around here -- we do so love our summers.
Umm.... that's about it.
Fresh out.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Prom Photos

I've had some peeps requesting to see the prom photos in a more personal way (aka, video's not working for everyone). I posted them on my message board, and here's a link. :)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Screaming insues...

Did I tell you guys that I'm reading "Siblings Without Rivalry" I got it on a suggestion from a good friend. Not that she knew my kids needed it (which, they do) but that it was a good book. Anyway, it's been really great. I recommend it, and I'm only on like chapter 4. Anyway... we're in the car picking up Conner from school and we're like 1/2 way home. They're both screaming, Spencer screaming louder than Conner. At the red light, I turn around ask ask WHAT is going on. This is Conner's answer:
"He wants my blood."
And there you go folks... Spencer wants Conner's blood. At least we're all out in the open with it. :)
As a sidenote... Conner had a scab and I guess Spencer wanted to touch it... who knows!!!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Katie's Guest book pages

I did a few pages for my friend Ginger's daughter's (Katie) wedding guest book. They were fun to do, just thought I'd share the link at 2P's if anyone's doing something similar. She bought a lot of pre-done stuff, and i forgot how fun it is to work with that. I mean, it's handy to just slap down a sticker. I highly recommend some pre-done stuff if you're thinking about doing something like this.

Wary-wary Inta-westing....

Any of your LDS girls read your Ensign yet this month? There are some really interesting articles in it. For instance this one on dating vs. hanging out. Seriously, where was this talk while I was AT BYU? It really made me think though, SO often, men and women are just hanging out these days and perhaps that is the reason that people aren't getting married.
Next to that article was another one on dating. I am impressed that the Ensign is putting so much effort forth on these topics in this month's.
And finally, a good old fashioned modesty article. Similar to the lines of a previous blog entry, but good stuff neverthless.
Anyway, I try to read 1 Ensign article each night before bed. I probably get a tad more out of it than reading my scriptures most times (which I do in the morning). Anyway, good stuff... especially for you young ladies out there considering college. Grab your parent's Ensign and dig in. Of course, you should still be hanging out til' College. But good advice for days to come.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Ok, there I've said it.... MANY girls look like hussies on Prom night. We've had them to our house, I've had to duct tape their dress to them, etc. and I can only imagine (because, no -- I didn't look like a hussy on my prom night) how uncomfortable those girls are. I was so proud to see my good friends go to their prom in style. In a style they could be comfortable in, and a style in which they'd be happy to show their kids the AMAZING photos I shot for them (did I mention amazing?). I know that we in the LDS church kind of harp on modesty in our youth and I am so glad these girls took the info and stuffed it in some crevice for this particular "future" time.
P.S. I am not in any way referring to these fine young women as slutty... fyi. :)

Another Layout

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Did some Prom Pics Tonight

I made them a little video, thought I'd post it here too.
Seriously... nothing makes you be SO glad you're NOT 17 anymore, and miss it so much. Prom....
Shad Newson... this one's for you.

Vide cuts-up at 3 minutes per Photobucket policy.
Thanks to Rod Stewart for his fine musical talent.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Secret World of Teachers

We went to a party at one of Drew's fellow teacher's house tonight. It was an 80's party, which was amusing. And a great party theme. However, I knew no one there and everyone that I didn't know had beer in their hands (except for our friend Katie -- who, actually I do know -- she's pregnant).
I think I've realized I'm not much of a party person. I don't like loud music, I HATE the smell of alcohol, and don't EVEN ask me to meet new people. I'm pretty well used to the Muppet Show and naps...

I sad

Isn't it obvious?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Knock Knock

Ok, I am feeling especially proud of my wrap of circles. I know it's nothing brilliant, but it was for me -- in my mother-fog state.

My Thoughts on Katie Couric

Yesterday was Katie's last day on the Today show. I am a beast of routine. I think some of Conner's first words were "Katie and Matt" because I watch the Today show religiously. They seem to give me a snippet of the world and then I can go on with my day. I did feel a pang of sadness yesterday as she left. I do feel like she's my gal pal and I enjoy her company on the days that I'm going NUTSO with my kids. I think Merideth will do a fine job, she's the one person (except for maybe Elizabeth) that I can tolerate from The View. I'm a little concerned about Katie though. I really thought that morning TV was her niche. She's the helpful mom type that can also bust out an interview if needed. Who knows, maybe this will make me an evening news watcher, but I doubt it.


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