Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm a huge ER fan. Not so much anymore, but I swear we'll be in a room, in a tense situation at work... and someone says, "hey, do you remember that episode on ER?"... and we all smile. It's a common bond amongst nurses... just can't let it go, even though the series has definately gone downhill.
Anyhow.... oh, and they changed the MUSIC!!!! The openin credits is all weird. Makes me sad.
Anyway.... Abby's had a baby and the baby's in the NICU and is gonna die and her mom's there, baby pulls through. Abby and her mom have had a lot of issues but all the sudden the baby's in the mix and Abby realizes how important a mom is and how many things are easy for your kids to think you've messed up on.
Anyway, it was just a great reminder about how as teenagers and young college kids we all think our parents stink... and then we bring that bundle of joy home and we're instantly remmebering that our parents tried just as hard as we are.
Anyway, random, I know....

Me and Spencer have a Broken Relationship

Scene: 7:15'ish, Spencer is sitting on the toilet while I put my makeup on.
Spencer: "What doin' mom?"
Hilary: "I'm putting on makeup so I can feel pretty sweetie."
Spencer: "Mamma not pretty, ok." (like, he added the OK just so I was sure I'd heard him right... being that it was a fact).
Seriously, we're home along together all day.
He needs to watch it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

ISP 67.72.98

Is this you?
One of my sitemeters says you're from propel software corporation. in San Jose. One says you have a different ISP and you're from Illinois.
I wanna meet.
You were on today at 9:17 pm, 1:49 pm, 12:09 pm.... etc...
Does this ring a bell with anyone?
Seriously, let's be friends.

New Magazine
This may be of interest to some of my scrap friends out there. Seems like they have a good concept, etc. They're paying for layouts, which is nicer then a lovely free copy.

Self Evaluation

In my time at O'COnnor hospital (which is just coming up on its 2 year mark) I have had 4 managers, well -- 2 official ones and 2 other stepping-in managers. Yes, we are an unruly bunch of Labor and delivery nurses, but a nice bunch as well.
Yesterday I had my first actual evaluation since working there. First off, my manager is amazing! She's just so business like, but so totally caring. Honestly, the best person I've ever worked for. Period. I always want to do better after talking to her.
So, I felt a bit of trepidation going into the meeting. I felt like I haven't particualrly done anyhting with my life in the 2 years since I started at this hospital. I don't attned a lot of professional meetings, I don't work full time so I'm not on any comitees, etc. Anyway -- I was worried that she might dig into me, because I don't work full time anywhere.
But, instead she just looked me in the eye and told me how lucky my kids are, and how they will cherish this time that they have me at home forever. She said the exact words that always run through my mind. I will have plenty of time to work once they're in school or gone, but I will never have a 2 year old Spencer to play legos with all day long, again.
I just left the meeting being so grateful that I am in a profession that values women, mothers, and our contribution to life is just as great at home or at work. I have evaluated my life, and decided I am one lucky gal.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We're All About Literacy

Spencer's new favorite thing to do is pull out a TON of books from the bookshelf to read at night, and at naptime (instead of going to sleep). His "punishment" is putting them all away, he HATES it -- usually has to spend some time alone in his room before he does it. But, that doesn't stop him from doing it the next nap or bedtime, even when I remind him how much he hates it.
Seriously, when is it that we learn that every action has consequences -- even if they're mommy-imposed. :)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

CC group

I belong to several scrapbooking message boards (shocker, I know) but we do a lot of constructive criticism groups. Right now I'm in a Kiddie CC group -- doing pictures of our kids, better.
I'm guessing it's what every mom wants.
Anyway, if anyone's interested, I think it'd be fun to share photographs and we could all talk about what would make them better, and what we love about them.
Anyway, I'd love to do it, if anyone's interested.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Time Goes By...

Check me out, taking pictures of my OWN children. It was actually fun. I don't think I've taken a picture in WEEKS, glad to be back in it. Conner is home today, it's teacher prep day. Aka,

Drew's gone, Conner's not.

BTW, we support Karen Hardy for City Council. FYI.

The Primary Program was yesterday, Conner did a rockstar job. He had one of the longest parts, he had it memorized and he didn't even freeze when he got up there to say it. Mucho proud. I always get a little weepy during the primary program. I just know that these are kids who are trying hard to choose the right. It's a happy thing.

Alright, off to plan some FHE.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Spinach is Healthy

There have been plenty of times I have stuff spinach in my kids mouths. I am lucky enough that Conner loves it now, and will willingly eat it. We have it a lot, and now someone's two year old is dead because of it.
You just can't control life.
I have thought a lot about it today. I want to be able to control everything. My husband, my job, my kids my house, my friends. I don't like feeling as though something is out of my control -- but when it comes down to it, it all is. It's all totally out of control.
The world keeps spinning, and we can't stop it.
Spencer keeps having accidents, and we can't stop him.
And if God sees fit to take someone I love -- I can't stop Him. As much as I might try.
It seems like we're placed on this earth to try and keep control of ourselves and our lives and yet realize that God controls everything, and thus, we must be obedient to him. Just another slippery slope we're balancing on.... I just wish I had better core muscles. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My fellow Runway Fans...

Project, that is.
I have a very funny blog for you to read.

A Simple Gesture

I had a patient on Tuesday evening (I worked post partum... don't ask). She was so sweet, it was her 3rd c-section, her 6th child and she was just such a great mom. Totally up and walking, doing everything for that sweet little baby and then her kids came to visit. It wa the first time she'd had a real meal (prior to this she'd been on a soft diet which mostly consists of mashed potatoes and pudding). I walked in and she's feeding it to her kids. I was just so touched and realized that so many moms give up SO much.
Later that evening I noticed her sheets were a little dirty, so I changed them for her. She just sat there, amazed that someone would do that kind of task for her. As I made the bed (and frankly, I'm not the best bedmaker in the world and it's basically one of my LEAST favorite jobs) I thought about how it was a joy to make the bed for this woman, who -- most likely, never gets anything done for just HER. It would be nice to serve someone so deserving more often.
BTW, for all you LDS ladies out there -- the General RS Meeting is this Saturday at 5 (Grand Road building if you're in my stake) -- I'm hopin' to get some ladies together for a girls night out after.
Wanna come?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What I Learned in First Grade Today

I went to help out in Conner's class today. I always try to glean a few things while I'm there to help me be a better parent.
1. Accentuate the positie eliminate the negative. I think that Conner was singing this in class the first week I was there. I totally think that Conner's teacher holds this firm. She consistantly praises the kids (and at no point do I see her turn into a freaking medusa screaming her head off -- as I sometimes do), and guides them to make good decisions.
2. We can make a difference in childhood obesity. She has those kids doing PE all the time, and running. It's really helping me remember that Conner needs just as much active time as he needs as veg-ing time. Recently I've made it that for every minute that Conner either spends doing some sort of fitness exercise, he gets the same # of minutes to either be on the computer or at the TV.
3. Conner's an ok kid. Sometimes I get so caught-up in all the things he's doing wrong, or needs to do better at, I forget to look at the big picture and realize he's smart, well-adjusted and a dream. Well, most of the time.

Anyway, that's what I learned today. I always love to go into the class. I was wondering how it'd be to go on Wednesdays after I've only had like 5 hours of sleep the night before. I think it's better, I feel more prepared to parent when I leave.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Funny little Fellow

Spencer is totally coming "into his own" the past few weeks. He's gaining a sense of humor, his facial expressions are getting more meaningful, and along with that comes the negative side of UBER tantrums and thinking his way is the only way (huh, wonder where he gets that!).
Each time Conner starts school I seem to notice a big change in Spencer. I'm not sure if it's that I'm spending more time with him, so he gets more expressive, talks more, shares me or if it's just that I'm spending more time with him, so I notice it more. Either way, the kid's entertaining.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Love for Lara Bush

Did anyone see Lara Bush on the Today show this morning? I had just jumped out of the shower and was rushing to get dressed, and then I saw she was on. I just stopped. Seriously, I'm just entranced in this woman. I think she is the epitomy of class. I am always amazed at how she never has a harsh word for anyone, regardless of if they've just stomped on her husband or not.
Honestly, I feel better about President Bush just because she's his wife, and I am guessing most Americans feel the same way.
She is what a first lady should be. She has her important issues that she pushes, and they seem to be things that are GIGANTIC world-wide issues. Health and literacy seem to be her pets, and I for one totally back her.
Classy, my friends. You can watch it online if you want.
Did the rest of my slow-robics today. What is it when you feel a popping every time you're doing a move. I'm guessing it's not good, probably not terribly bad but REALLY annoying.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday Is a Special Day

I am really trying to get into my Saturdays. Make them productive, instead of a day to lay around the house (which is also nice, but probably not the most useful piece of time). Lately I've been trying to tidy each room really well as well as working on our yard. I think it makes it easier to be more relaxed on Sunday and take that time to spend with my family and friends.
Saturday is also a VERY special day when we get a babysitter. We had one tonight (lucky us). Drew and I had dinner at Max's (I didn't even get dessert, I'm so good), then went to Toys R Us to look for lightsabers for our halloween costumes, and a giant potty prize for Spencer (who only had one accident today, and I attribute it to a temporary brain lapse by our usually, excellent, babysitter).
We also spent some time at the Art and Wine festival. The kids had a nice time. We got to go through a fire safety house, where at the end they got to jump out a window and then get a fireman's hat for completing the course. Hello.... lucky. Oh, and free ballons. Talk about the good times.
OH, and I got a nap. Feelin' pretty stellar.

Friday, September 15, 2006

And Now A Word from Our Sponsor

My mom is bitter that I didn't mention how she's basically sewing my kids costumes over the phone.
Frankly, the pattern makers suck my friends. I can never understand anything they're saying, and for almost every step I have to call my mom.
Now THAT is talent folks.
Truly, she's been great about it. Especially since I was a sewing class drop-out after making 2 left legs to a nice set of knit overalls I was making in high school (hot, I know).

Weekend Update

Just wanted to update my peeps on a few things:
Potty Training O M G... we're doing AWFUL this week. I don't think once he's initiated his own potty event without me going in there with him. WE usually wet about 3 times a day, and always at night. Part of me wants to put the pull-ups back on. But, he was doing it before, I don't know what the deal is. Anyone have thoughts on this? Do you think I should go back to pull-ups? I have another package in the garage I was reserving for emergencies.
Costumes I was working on Conner's karate robe last night. I'm actually pretty proud of how it's all working out. I did the neckband last night, which I knew was going to be the hardest part. We're talking interfacing, and the whole sha-meil. But, I made it through and it looks pretty decent. I was working on it last night during project runway. Let's just say I'm probably as good as some of the people on there. :)
Slow-robics Let's just say I'm sore today. Really, really sore.
The View Rosie is still thinking it's her own show. Anyone thing that's ever going to change?
I doubt it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Anyone ever heard of this?
I was doing All Star Workout (from Fit TV -- I LOVE the variety this show affords, if you get fitTV, I highly recommend it) and they had Ellen Barret on, doing slow-robics. I really liked it. They do aerobics slower, and with a huge range of motion. I totally feel like I worked this whole flabby body. If you see a video with it, maybe try it!
P.S. All Star Workouts sometimes wants some weird equipment, so maybe check the listings to see if you have all the right needs, sometimes I can't do it because I don't have a trampoline, etc.
ETA: I was just looking on the site, it looks like on the TV they call it Pilates Scupt with Ellen Barrett... fyi.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I want to volunteer

Last night at worked, I found-out that our hospital will be distributing fliers for this company when we have a fetal demise, or a baby in the nursery that has/is close to dying. This is the home page of the company.
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
WARNING: Those of you who have had just had a baby or are pregnant most likely do not want to view this site. It's really touching, and amazing what these photographers do but, it may be a tad much for some of you.
Anyway, I emailed them last night wanting to know if I could qualify to be on their list of photographers. I wouldn't exactly call myself a pro, but I would love to try if they need people, plus I might be better in this situation then someone who hasn't done it before.
Anyway, I'll let you guys know if they give me the go ahead.
Also, if you know of anyone who has lost a baby, these people will come to the hospital and photograph the baby. Let your friends know. They do it free of charge and I think priceless woudl most definately be the price put on something like this.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

File Folder Games

A lot of you have wondered about my whole file folder obsession. Currently (well, for the last 5 years or so) I have this book. The books come with a copyright release so that you can copy them at copy centers without a hassel. Here's a link for some free ones, it also has places (on the right hand side) where you can buy the books to make more.
So, you color them, cut all the pieces out, glue the game part down to a file filder, and then take them all to get laminated (our local store does it for 29 cents/foot -- seems like there's some other places that are more, so shop around if you're doing a lot of them. Yesterday I had 8 games laminated, and it took 12.4 feet). Then, you cut them out, put some sort of stick'um stuff on the back (I used to use Velcro, but this time I did magnets) and then voila. A file folder game. They have ones for reading, and math and all that kind of stuff... all sorts of ages think they're fun. For a while I felt like the coloring and cutting in front of the TV was theraputic (and now I'm glad they're just done). I highly recommend them.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

LIKE A FOOL, I watched that stupid ABC docu-drama about September 11th. I was left feeling hopless (yet, glad -- because my file folders were finished). There's such an emotional tie to that day. For me, it's the fear that there will most likely be many worse things that happen. Most likely, I will be in a situation similar to what I just saw played out on TV. I enjoy nothing less then feeling hopeless. So, tonight I had to sit down and name 5 things that give me hope.
1. My faith. My family is forever, those who have faith should not fear. That doesn't mean that I don't fear... but it means that I shouldn't. I hope to increase in my faith so that I am not so afraid...
2. My family, although this is one of the biggest reasons I felt hopeless. On September 11th, I decided I was done having children. I didn't think that ANYONE needed to be brought into an evil world where people killed thousands of innocent civillians uselessly. Obviously, I did have another child. My children do bring me hope. I wish that all moms were like me. Teaching right from wrong, teaching that a loving God would never want their little boys to kill innocent lives. I wonder what those boy's moms thought.
3. Scrapbooking. I know, that if I'm ever taken there is a lasting memory of me. Practically every moment of my son's lives is documented. I can't even talk about this anymore... but I do find solice in it.
4. My file folders are done (yes, truly feeling helpless and scraping the barrel).
5. Faith. Alright, it's true. The only thing that brings hope is faith. Knowing that God will protect us, knowing that if we choose the right, even if we do have terrifying moments, someday everything will be ok.
I think I need to go say a prayer right now.


Ok, I'm totally with the people morning the loss of their loved ones.
But, at what point are we rewarded the terrorists by watching that crash and the collapse over, and over, and over.
I'm sad to say that I appreciated Rosie's comments on The View today. I appreciate remembering how our country banded together afterwards, how there was a feeling of goodwill and people returned to church.
Anyway... those are my thoughts.
ALSO, made some new file folder games (mostly for Spencer) but I used magnetic stuff I got at Office Max.
A) Not loud in church like the velcro.
B) SO fun to do magnets... am I right?
Anyway, just thought I'd end the entry on a positive note.
On a sidenote: Conner's school is really encouraging us to sign-up with escrip. I know a lot of my blog readers don't have kids, or really like my kids. :) Anyway, if you shop at Safeway you're just throwing away some money that could be going to the schools. You can also register credit cards, etc... but the Safeway card is an easy thing. You just go to and fill out the information. If you care, Conner's school is Ponderosa School FNC (#500002816) when you go to put groups that your $ goes towards, put this. They're not going to hassel you with crap, but they will give money to the schools. Anyway, just my plug for the day. If you don't have your safeway # (like me) you can call 1-877-723-3929

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ever Want to Strangle a Patient

I have a fairly loyal RN group that reads my blog. My friend Brittany had this one posted on her blog.
When I saw the title, I just thought, "HOW many patients have I TOTALLY just wanted to strangle." I'm guessing she had just one of those days at work.
Snaps for her. :)
Let that be a lesson to all the burglar's out there. If you find scrubs in the closet. RUN.
Btw, as a sidenote to my last topic. I too agree that Rosie's views are so completely different then my own. I think for now she has some of those views belted in, but the instance she comes back as her pro-gay, pro-bashing everything I hold dear... well, I would wish Elizabeth would turn into the lion we all know she has in her. Or otherwise, I just won't be able to watch. I hope the view definately doesn't shift to the "left." I felt like it was pretty even'ish before. I just wrote a note to "The Viewmaster" on NBC stating my opinion. It does seem to me that the left side often is the VERY LOUD squeaky wheel. Time to start making some squeaks of my own.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Poor Elizabeth on the View

So, since Rosie has gone to The View, I've been tivo'ing and watching it in th afternoons as I either fold laundry, work on the kids costumes or work on file folder games.
I just feel sorry for poor Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I mean, can you IMAGINE being on a show with Rosie, Joy and the ever-fabulous (at least in her own mind) Barbara Walters? I do often feel like she can't get a word in and she's just running along trying to compete (perhaps even feeling like she's back on Survivor).
Anyway, I wonder if people around me ever feel like that -- that they can't get a word in... I hope not. Although, I rarely feel like I'm in the "trying to stay-up with the group) mode (unless we're running, and then I have obvious problems).

Friday, September 08, 2006

'Cus I'm Hooked...

On feelin' fine and I'm hooked, on knowing... blah, dee, blah...
Alright, did anyone else work out with their moms to Hooked on Aerobics? I remember each of us having our little sweat suits on and me running down the stairs so I could show my mom that I could do the whole thing with the "high effort guy" (and I usually plopped down on the couch about 10 minutes into the show saying how tired I was). Anyway, this show is STILL on BYU tv on Saturday mornings (although word on the street is that they're bringing it back without the leg warmers and fancy clothes -- hopefully better music). I tivo'd it last week. It was so funny watching it. But I did notice a few things (both good and bad):
1. Hello... I am SO glad for low-impact aerobics! I do my workouts right after I get up, in my jammies and then I go run get a shower before me and the kids scoot out for school. Hence, I don't have a bra on, or really good shoes. I'm not a big fan of jumping around that early in the morning. 'Nuf said.
2. I appreciated how easy their exercises are. Seems like a lot of the tapes I do now are so complicated and you need a step and weights and a thighmaster. I just appreciated that aerobics really is something everyone can do at any time.
Anyway... I think that's about all I noticed. Besides the fac that the 80's was a time of bad colors and bad hair, although that didn't have much to do with the program.
potty training update: Spencer is now sleeping in big boy underpants (no pull-ups) at night. I hear a bit of the messiah singing as I type these words. Wonder what fun stuff I can get at Costco now that I'm not spending grundles on diapers.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Me, going back to school

Nope, not for my MS... for my son's 1st grade class. Tonight was back to school night. It explained a lot of what was going on with the whole 1st/2nd combo. I truly feel, after listening to the shpiel that he is getting the best of all worlds. I think it helps me a bit, since i was in a 2nd/3rd grade combo in elementary school, I kind of get what's going to happen and how this can be good for him.
My favorite thing about the combo so far: That this class is a bunch of great kids. There's no sour loser in the bunch (and believe me, I know who the sour losers were from last year, and I had a hard time steering him away from them).
My least favorite thing (I think) so far: Well, I haven't really found one. But I do miss him socializing with more kids his own age, and I wish there were more friends from room B in his class (which can also be a benefit). But, I remember when I was in 2nd grade, there were a couple of special 2nd grade things that we didn't get to do because we were in that type of class. I just worry about that happening. However, I think they're more sensitive to that now.
Definately the bonus is Ms. Dodson. She seems like she loves her job and definately makes the kids a priority. Can't get enough of her. I think I'll go play Hilary the Spy more often. :)
I just hope my nanny doesn't leave me, and the kids steal my special spy notebook.
Wait, was that even Harriet the Spy... it was, right?

Big Kid

Every mother fantisizes... the day that child's going to go to school, especially full day school. And one day they'll be able to just jump out of the car and go on their own... and then you realize you wish school would just take your two year old and you'd happily take the six year old home with you to help you with your housework.
So, Conner just jumped out the van this am, and said he didn't need me to walk him in. He followed the crossing guard at all the right times, and I watched him til' I couldn't see him anymore. He has also figured out that now that Spencer can get in the car on his own sometimes I forget to do his seatbelt, Conner is reminding me when he's not done-up (yipes, glad he's there, and now when he's not -- I hear him reminding me).
Every single day kids get a little bigger. It bugs me, but he's been doing it since he was born!
I wonder when exactly that stops. I don't really feel like I'm truly growing as a person every day. I know there are days that I do, but then there are other days when I feel like absolutely nothing got done, other then some laundry and housework. I do believe that's part of it, when God says, "become like a child." We do need to grow a little bit every day.
My job, is just to make sure it's an "inner growth" and not a widening one. :)
BTW, did the buns workout on On Demand today.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My Visit to First Grade

So, today I sat in the guise of helping Ms. Dodson to spy on Conner. But, on a sidenote-- can you BELIEVE all the prep it takes to be a lower-grade teacher? All the cutting out and the papers... i-yi-yi... happy to bein the guise of helping while actually spying any time (esp. if Rowena wants to watch Spencer).
So... Conner is doing a great job. It seems like he's good to sit in his chair (at least for the bit of time I saw). He shared willingly with the class. He's doing well at his work. I'm so glad he's doing fine.
Ms. Dodson is so great. I appreciate how into manners she is, and how she helps them. We definately did have a miracle occur to get her.
And no... Ms. Dodson, I'm not just writing this because I know you read my blog.
Although, I do know that you read my blog. :)
On a brighter side note -- no accidents from Mr. Spencer since the first day of school. Feel the joy... isn't it warm and fuzzy?
Oh yeah, and I'm not the only published person in this house. Check out Mr. C. and a bit about our visit from TB.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My 6 year old Is an Eating Machine

Well, I just have to say that it's a good thing that I am restricting my intake as of late, because Conner is eating all my food.
Ever since we started first grade the kid eats like CRAZY. I'm talking like 3 or sometimes even 4 platefuls of food at night. And, it's only on the days that he has school. He didn't eat much at all this weekend.
Anyway, does anyone else's kid have this "problem"?
I am hoping that when I visit Ms. Dobson's class tomorrow she'll raise my metabolism as well (I just can't eat like Conner).

Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Friend TB

No, not tuberculosis.
TB-- is for Teddy Bear, and he is our visitor from Ms. Dodson's class. He is having a simply fabulous weekend... and I wanted to share a picture from my phone that we took at the SC game this past week. Bruins actually won.
Go figure.
TB must be good luck.

Why Halloween is REALLY Scary

Does anyone remember this layout that I did last year?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Well, the scary part has begun. Conner has chosen what he wants to be for Halloween. I made him make a serious choice, and he won't be changing because the fabric is bought. He wants to be Luke Skywalker, and I thought that was fine... thinking of what partner in crime I could give him, when I realized that Spencer would make a GREAT Yoda.
So, Drew and I foraged out to the Fabric Store to look for patterns, and see if this was even possible. I came home with THREE patterns, and I actually had to order another size in one of them when I got home.
Anyway... For Conner, I'm going to use this pattern. They had some that were actual Star Wars type patterns, but they looked REALLY hard, and if you'll notice this one says "easy". I'm gonna make the jacket a little big, perhaps make a faux leather belt type accessory, make the pants pretty small and then do something on the legs to make them look like Luke's (we're going for his "boy" look).
For Spencer, I got this pattern. I am particularly fond of it. It also has the word "easy" on it -- and if it ends-up actually being easy, I can see Santa bringing a similar robe somewhere down the road. I'm doing this in a camel colored fleece. Then, I just need to find a black or dark brown t-shirt to go under, and we already have some brown pants. Now, for the hard part, which will require imagination, AND every seamstress skill I can muster. I got this one to use for the hat pattern. I think my big plan is to take the basic cat hat, make the ears all the same shade, make them about 3 times larger, and pull them down on the hat so they're just set above the eyes. I'm also going to thread wire in them and stuff some batting in them.... because I'm fancy like that. I'm also going to try and sew some "wrinkle" lines into good old Yoda's head. Maybe I'll put a little batting in the top part to help me with that. Anyone have any skills in this arena? Oh, and peeps ... did I mention this hood is fully lined?
Kill me now....
Anyway, that's pretty much my plan until Halloween. I'm hoping to get a piece done/ week, or every other week, and then leave all the really hard stuff til' my mom gets here. Right mom... you're coming.... RIGHT?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

IP Address 75.35.106.#

Is this you?
You use a Mac, you use Safari software.... You have an unknown ISP and it doesn't even say where you are, except North America... which is a pretty wide area.
You're freakin' me out. I mean, I know I'm facinating... but I just see you on my blog a lot.
Anyway, I know you're out there and reading this. If you could puh-leeze just comment and let me know who you are.
It'd let me rest a tad easier tonight.
And heavens knows I need my rest (beauty, and otherwise).

Denise Austin, my Arch Nemesis, and other news...

I truly hate Denise Austin. I do. I've hated her for a while. She's so freaking perky at times when I want to give her shaken-aerobics-instructor-sydrome. But, this past week I've been trying to work-out more. My big plan is 90 minutes of video work-outs, 90 minutes of walking (both of those figures are per week) and controling portions and snacking. I think I've done pretty well so far. I need to work on the portions and snacking. That was my definate downfall this week. Anyway, back to me and Denise. I did the routine that she tapes for Lifetime (I am Tivo-ing a bunch of different ones, as well as using exercise TV to supplement). It wasn't too bad... felt pretty good about it, but MAN am I sore now. Luckily, it's the weekend and I have a bit of time to repair. We'll see if I can compete with my bitter foe.
In other news...
we have a visitor from Mrs. Dodson's class, TB. That's short for "teddy bear" -- I have a few pictures I hope to post soon. He gets to stay ALL WEEK (lucky us) and Conner is sure enjoying his visit. In the end we get to write a journal entry for all off TB's adventures.
Oh, and we cut-down the bottle brush tree that we have in the back. It's SO pretty with the pink bottle brushes, but they get EVERYWHERE and it's rubbing against our fence. Just another little adventure for Mr. TB to enjoy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Tomato Plant That Is Going To Eat Us

Ok, seriously. The Plant is taller then Spencer, it's wider then Spencer, and I'm fairly sure it ways about 5 times as much as the little lad. It's taking over its former neighbors, the peppers, beans and soon it will be to the far end of the town to the cucumber family!!!!
I doubt it. However, I did prune today and harvest from it. We got 15 tomatoes from it just today. Heavens knows we can't eat them all. If anyone wants any, you can email or call us. I'm letting them be a free for all, so first come first served.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Word About the Post Below

I just wanted to mention that I am not going into this photography thing to become rich. I already have nursing doing that for me. Not to mention the fact my husband is a teacher (hello, LUCRATIVE).
I really feel like photography is an amazing thing. I know I would've paid a fair amount of money to have had Conner photographed when he was a newborn, just because those moments don't come again. I've had people ask, and I can't keep doing it for free, so I named my price.
However, if this is something you really want for your family, and the price seems prohibitive. Please email me. I'm sure there's something we can work out.
I saw an interesting segement on the Today Show today. It was about what makes people happy. They noted some things we could do to make ourselves happier:
  • Decrease our commute time (I doubt ours could get any less, must be why we're such a chipper family).
  • Spend more time with friends (going to lunch today... I'm going to try and get weekly lunch dates, just makes you feel SO DANG GOOD about your life).
  • Use your money to buy experiences, not things (again, I am a huge proponent of vacations... did I mention that I cried during the fireworks show at Disneyland).

It was interesting to note that having more money wasn't on the list. They said that you want to feel as though you make simliar to your family and friends, but once you accomplish paying for your bills, mortgage, etc. Happiness doesn't increase. Anyway, I just think that photography can be one of those experiences that you savor forever. Your family is never going to be the same as it is today, right now, ever again.

Also, if this photography thing takes too much time away from my family, I'm gonna forget it. Family, church, work and then my little hobby. I'm trying to keep it that way (hence, I will be really limiting the # of shoots/month).


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