Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Pal Luke

Had a quick photo session after school. Conner also had a school parade (that's him with Miss Dodson -- she was a purple crayon -- she doesn't have the crayon part on in this photo) and Spencer had some good times at the old Santa Clara High school getting told he was the cutest Yoda they'd ever seen. I'm fairly sure they're right.

A New Book

I have a friend who told me about a book I just read.
It's called My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It's about a daughter that has Leukemia and the parents have another baby, genetically engineered to give them the cord blood to save the other sister.
It brought a lot of issues to the forefront -- about what you would do in the situtaion if one of your children faced dying, would you put another child in pain to save that child.
Anyway, I really liked it. I definately recommend it -- for the times when you're ready for a heavy book -- this is most certainly not a light read.

Monday, October 30, 2006

My Pal Yoda

Spencer has his own photo session this morning. Seriously, could this costume be ANY CUTER?

Did I mention this is the one I sewed by MYSELF!?

More to come tomorrow. This is just to get you excited. :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Favorite Halloween Memory

I thought I would share a favorite collegiate Halloween memory.
I did a semester volunteering at the state mental facility. It was a really weird semester. I did it with my friend Melanie Dinger (now Melanie Hunsaker) and we did it in the beauty shop. Mostly just putting some women's hair in curlers, and keeping the patients happy. Anyway, one of the ways we could get a LOT of hours was by doing the haunted house that they did in the state mental facility.
That's right, the patients used to put on a haunted house.
It was the scariest thing EVER.
Anyway, I had always thought it was kind of barbaric that we allowed those patients to do stuff like that, but boy did they ever LOVE it! They loved planning it and getting all the props and sets together. I was amazed how it was a goal for them and they loved achieving it and putting something on for the public.
Melanie and I had an amazing time doing it. There were a few patients in our room and they had professional make-up artists there helping to do our makeup, so no one would realize who we were. The best part is when people I knew from high school or college came through and we'd all moan their names and they'd start screaming how did we know their names. It was so funny.
Sorry Aaron Wendleboe.
Another funny thing is all these macho guys would put their girlfriends in front of them to go through the room. We figured that was a sure sign to dump the guy if he thought enough of you to feed you to the mental patients first.
A year or so after they did it, they cancelled it. They said that it sterotyped the mentally ill. I went back a couple of years later and did a semester of nursing school there. I couldn't believe how sad the patients and staff were that they no longer put it on.
It just shows me that sometimes being PC isn't really what benefits the people the most, and I am guessing that not one of those people who were against that haunted house ever had done it with the patients, because they would've seen how much good it had done in the facility.
Happy Halloween peeps. Pictures of the costumes to follow soon.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Now, it's really too bad that my last post was about using profanity, because I really have some words for my body.
Welcome to my weekly weigh-in post.
Weighed this morning, mind you it was at 6:30 am, because I was up when Drew left for his competition. I AM EXACTLY THE SAME AS I WAS LAST WEEK. And, just to make me feel better, I checked my body fat % AND IT WENT UP. Not a percentage, THREE PERCENTAGE POINTS.
Let me just dispell some myths:
1. Keep going: I've been doing my little "program" since the beginning of school. True, each month I add something (this month was not eating after 7 pm and I've already decided next month I'm gonna increase my water intake by 3 glasses/day) -- but this is truly getting depressing. This is more then 8 weeks.
2. Some people peak not at over 200 pounds, people don't peak there. There, I've said it -- I'm over 200 pounds. Now, just by a few, but it's STILL THERE. Plus, can you peak before you even start?
3. You're losing inches -- I've done that, I don't lose inches, so I thought the whole scale/body fat thing would perhaps be more encouraging.
If I was a weight watchers client, people would laugh at me every week. So, at least I just have my blog weigh-in. Peeps, I'm really sad about this. I know that i'm a little dehydrated, (thanks to the Halloween Happening last night) which could be affeecting the body fat percentage...
Yes, I'm gonna keep it up, but it was so nice to see a change last week.
On a brighter note, we did go to Conner's Ponderosa Halloween Happening last night, the kids got a lot of nice junk that will keep them busy for at least an hour this morning, while I sob for a bit. We also went to the SC homecoming parade, which we could watch from the air conditioned comfort of our car. Now THAT'S a parade! Tonight we have our church party, and that should be uber fun as well. I'm so glad my mom's here to help out with all our festivities.
And, a shout out to the Santa Clara Band that's performing in Plesanton a couple of times today. Good luck Bruins!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Last night was an awful night at work. Let's just say things were happening in the OR that I've only done a couple of times. Anyway, it was stressful, but one of the doctors I was working with had the FOULEST mouth. I couldn't BELIEVE the combinations he was saying. Even when the stress was over, apparently the swear word flood gates were still open becuase they continued to flow freely.
It just made me think how I instantly feel like people who swear a lot are a lower class then me. Now, I used to have a bit of a Sailor's mouth when I worked in the nursing home. Once I was pregnant with Conner, I worked really hard to get those words out of my vocabulary since I didn't want little mouths to be spouting what I had just said in a moment of stress.
Because of all the work I did to try and get those words out of my mouth, when I see other people taking their stress out on my ears I kind of put them amogst the smokers of this planet.
Look at me being all judgemental. :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Alright, my blog readers, I have a question for you.
Prior to my current work-out regeim, I'd get sore almost a day and a half later. So, if I worked out on Monday, Tuesday afternoon I'd notice getting up off the couch after reading with Conner, that my legs were sore, and by dinner time they were really buggin'.
Yesterday, I did a rockin' leg and glute routine (so rockin' in fact -- I only did 25 minutes before my legs were shaking so much I Could barely even stand-up) and then my legs were sore yesterday afternoon.
Does anyone know why that might happen? I asked Conner this morning and he said, "I don't know I'm not a nurse." Obviously, the nurse part isn't helping much here.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A musical Interlude

A sweet custodian/security guard at Drew's school gave us a piano. That's right, he gave one to us. We were actually looking on Craig's list for a used one for Christmas -- they seemed around 600 dollars for a cheaper model. We will have to get it tuned, but Conner's already had his first lesson (John Tompson, the same book I did) and did a little theory. Tonight, during prayers he asked Heavenly Father to make him better at the piano and to bless the man that brought it to us. So far, so good. :) I'll give him a couple weeks til' he's yelling obscenities and saying he doesn't want to practice. I think that's how long it took my brother.

Since this family is never short on music -- I got a babysitter last night, and went to Drew's band competition in San Jose. It was nice, I'd never been to a full competition (i've been to a few, but I've had kids molesting me the whole time) -- so it was nice to see how it all works here. The band did a great job, they have a really hard show this year, so I bet once they clean it up and everything they're gonna rock it hard.
And now, it's time to kick Drew off the piano so I can watch some Tivo.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Weigh-In

Hello peeps.
Weighed-in today.
Lost 1.9 pounds. Sad, but I'm totally
I'm only looking for 2 pounds'ish /week. Now, I'm not sure how much of that is water loss from the whole feminine experience but I'm hoping to see another 2 pounds next week. Makes eating only one slice of pizza last night totally worth it. :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Little Birthday Cheer

{tap-tap} Is This Thing On?

I hear there's a fancy new blog out in the world.
{hint -- you might want to check above my profile}
{big smile}

Every Woman's Body

Finally got to watch my Tivo'd Project Runway last night. I don't know how I truly feel about Jeffrey because the tatoo on his neck drives me insane to look at. BUT, I thought it was SO interesting that they went on and on about Uli's stuff and how it'd fit EVERY woman. They also said the same thing about Lara.
NO WOMAN I know is going to wear dresses that short, or that "filmy" -- you could totally see through a lot of them. They were also tight. I know for a FACT that they would NOT look good on be, regardless of the fact that my garments would be poking out the bottom. Just an interesting thought at the end of last night's show.
As a side, I think I liked Lara's the best just because she is an AMAZING seamstress. I did love all the color though, in the other designer's looks.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


This just in -- Winkflash is having a giant card sale on their website. Even if you want to just send-out your own, they come with envelopes AND the picture, so for 23 cents, I just don't think it can be beat.
I just went through it, and I can design you your very own custom card for this -- you just have to send me the pictures and tell me what you'd like. :)
Oh, and I think I had someone ask me if I had templates to choose from. I do each card invidiually, depending on which pictures you want larger etc. Again, only 30 bucks (for 5 or less photos) until November 15th.
I threw together another card for tonight, they can be formal, fun.... obviously, I wouldn't be sending this one out -- but I wanted to show you some of the stuff I can do.

LOVEly Thursday

For some reason, I have the hadest time on Thursdays, every week. I used to think it was because I worked Wendesday, and I'm just tired -- but now I work Tuesdays, so that's no longer my excuse. So, I thought I'd start making lists of things I love on Thursdays. Perhaps a bright moment in an otherwise drab day.
Five Things I Love About Living in the Silicon Valley
(Drew and I never thought we'd stay here more then 3 years, and then it was 5... and now we're going on Year #6....)
1. Where ELSE can you get a world class Fallafel. At work on Tuesday I found out that just minutes from my very own hospital is one of the best fallafel places around. Do you know what Fallafel is? It's a paste of garbonzo beans (and some spices that make it green), then they deep fry it, and then put it in a pita shell along with a lot of vegetables and a yummy sesame seed sauce). Mind you, get the small. One falafel is enough for anyone. And, does anyone know how to spell it?
2. The weather. It's mid seventies today. We've had a couple rainstorms so far, but other then that -- right now I'm remembering why my mortgage payment is so high. :)
3. Airports. Mumzy's coming next week. It'll take like 10 minutes to go and get her. Sa-weet. I just check to see that her flight has landed online, and then I get in my car and go. She's usually coming right out when I'm driving by. Good stuff.
4. Produce stores. It's all grown around here, and it's cheap, and they're sweet to Spencer. We have one right by C's school that's so yummy. It's totally increasing our family's health.
5. Our friends. We never thought we'd have friends here who would turn into family, but they have most definately done that. It's nice to know that there are people here who will back you up in emergencies. Family, in most every sense of the word.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

007 for the day

Today, I was in Conner's class. Only the six first graders were there (Conner is in a mixed 1st/2nd -- the 2nd graders were on a field trip). They worked on a little Reader's Theater costumes, their lines, everything. It was really cute.
And, I found out that if you give me construction paper, staples, tape and string.
I can make most anything.
For instance, I can make ants, grashoppers....
Skills my friends, that's what I call skills.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm so Mormon

Do you (and I am speaking to my LDS friends, but the rest of you can get a nice giggle out of this too) ever think... that was SO Mormon of me?
On Sunday I made a casserole, and I made enough to freeze another one. Who knows if we'll eat it or another family who's in need of an easy meal.
After I popped it in the freezer, I thought, "that was so Mormon of me."
Other things that make me Mormon -- sewing my ENTIRE family's halloween costumes, sewing my couch back together rather then getting a new one, putting patches in Conner's jeans (which, btw -- never works).
I think it's probably when I'm most thrifty, or most giving to others or my family. But, it always makes me giggle when I think that.
BTW, I totally know that I feel better since I've been working out, but no -- my clothes don't fit better, and I dont think i've lost inches (I've done that before with little progress). I'm just really feeling bummed about it. We are about to close month #2 of my little work-outs. Each month I plan to add a new thing (this month I added not eating after 7 pm) until I either lose weight or end-up on a funny farm.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Not a freakin' pound

Now, I know that water weight could be partly to blame for this week's weigh-in but after a week of NOT eating after 7 pm, not an OUNCE of ice cream, working out six times INCLUDING a step routine.
On a brighter note, I got the coolest garbage can on the block. I got it at Costco and it brings a whole new zest for living. It has an infrared sensor that all I have to do is wave my hand over it, and it opens. It's stainless steel, and only 36 bucks at the old Costco.
Honestly, if it wasn't for the new garbage can, I think I would've lost my will to live. :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006


My friend Miranda was sweet enough to ask me to take their family's pictures. Aren't they adorable? Again, on the "real" video it says each family member's name at the beginning, but I took it off to preserve some shred of privacy. :) So, there's about 10 seconds of blank screen at the beginning... just enjoy the music. :)

Want to see more?

Good Old Customer Service

Don't you love it when a company treats you right? I placed an order with www.pinkdivadesigns.com and they made a small error. They've gone WAY above and beyond trying to fix it. Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?
On a sidenote, Conner and I had date night last night. We started out at the bank to start him a savings account. I was amazed at how they all thought it was so cute with him and his giant bag of coins (that he's been saving for over a year). I mean, don't most kids start a savings account anymore? Or is it the parents with the 529 and they just let the kids spend, spend, spend?
Then, we went bowling, I broke 100 (121 to be exact -- I was pretty proud) and Conner got 77. He did really well, and not ONCE did we have to ask the attendant to re-roll a stopped ball. This is progress, my friends.
Then, it was off to Costco to eat (Conner only gets 20 dollars to spend, and he'd spent $14.00 at the bowling ally, so Costco was the only place I thought we could eat for 6 bucks. And eat we did. :) We then made a visit for the crowning touches to the boy's halloween costumes. Belts.
They're complete now, courtesy of the goodwill.
I have only goodwill, for the Goodwill... but DANG do I miss DI.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Quiet times

Somehow, I forgot that concerts have breaks between songs -- at which point my 2 year old could be heard throughout the autidtorium :
"I thirsty"
"all done, go home."
Uh huh... that was us. We're pretty much totally into culture. :0

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Apoclypse of L&D

Alright, I don't know WHAT happened 9 months ago in the Bay Area... but it must've been something fun.
We are SO busy at work. Whole unit totally full for several days, nurses working WAY more then their scheduled shifts.
The whole time, in the back of our heads we're wondering -- was it all that rain in the late spring last year?
Oh, and did I mention we have over 10 nurses pregnant just on our unit?
Settle down people.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We're Ready for the 31st

Scene: Spencer is playing with his kitchen, hot pads on both hands making "spaghetti"
He starts singing the imperial march while "cooking".
Instead of la-la's... he's singing it with ow-ow-ow-
Anyone have a little estrogen in this house?
And now for the layout of the day:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A layout a day

It's my goal....


Alright, anyone hear about the whole Barbara Steisand thing? She had a "professional heckler" in the audience (are there such people -- someone PAYS them to heckle celebrities?) who heckled her when she was saying something negative about the Bush Administration. She then told them to shut the #%&* up.
Now, from the instant I saw Funny Girl I have always thought that Barbara Steisand was a classy lady. I don't agree with basically any of her views at this point, but still felt her to classy.
But to use that language, in front of people who came to see you, paying a LOT of money to see you, I think it's shameless. When she is paid to entertain. Do that, and only that.
When she goes on Tim Russert, she can act like a loon all she wants.
But, that's just me.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Another card

This is one that I did for my friend Lara last year....
I decided to have a little card making special. It's 30 dollars for up to 5 pictures (I am thinking about 5 dollars more for more pictures -- email me for details) from now until November 15th (or if you purchase with a session). After that it will be 40 dollars. Again, all printing will be up to you, but I am willing to make it whatever size you desire. Then, you just stick them in evelopes add stamp, and mail... :) I did this particular card for Lara from pictures she had scanned in, so you can be a long distance friend, and still get this kind of service.

It's Monday Again

Did the kickboxing routine on All Star Workouts. Let's just say they worked me, hard -- and I still don't feel like an all star.
Drew's lost like 4 pounds.
I don't know if it's correct, because he weighed at different times, but I swear if it's truly that much when we check again next weekend I may just quit for good. I think I may have lost 1/2 a pound... but not sure (dang time changes).
Plus... with the whole womanly cycle shlameil... who knows if that's true.
Anyway... I think I need a new partner. :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

And Now Back to my Regularly Scheduled Hobby

The Season Is Upon Us

Yesterday was pretty-much our last "free" Saturday now that Marching band is in its full swing (I, of course, picked-up an extra shift, so I could drown my sorrows as a single mom into some retail therapy).
I thought, however, that some of my friends that are around here would enjoy coming to Drew's Pass and Review Concert this coming Thursday at 7:30 pm -- at the Santa Clara High School Performing Arts Center.
It's basically the marching band's concert. It's loud, you're not going to be anxious about your kids distrubing someone, but at the same time it's still a concert.
Anyway, I think it's the one concert this year that I am going to bring my kids to. Thought others might want to tag along. Feel free to call or email me with questions.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Birth Annoucements

Perhaps some of you were unaware of my deeper skills -- digital designing. I do birth annoucements, Christmas cards... you name it, I do it. Wanted to post a few of them, showing off... and a lot of you wanted to see Alivia's birth annoucement and I didn't show you.... I was waiting for Emily to post it before I did. Can't believe how big she's getting Emily!


I use bloglines to keep track of my blogs. It notifies me every time there is a change on any of the blogs I "watch." This allows me to "watch" a WHOLE LOTTA blogs. I watch a lot of photography blogs, which has been great (you guys can email me if you want some of the sites, they're amazing).
Anyway, somehow my computer wasn't allowing me to view my blogs the other day. I was pretty dang miffed... I went a whole day without readnig my blogs, and I think I may have marked everything as read at one point, in my desperation to get them to show up.
I cleared me internet cache this AM and now they're showing up.
I'm so happy.
Anyway, you might want to try bloglines....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Meet my new friend Farrah

She's adorable. Daughter of my friends Nate and Carly who braved coming out of their house for a photo session with their sweet little girl. Congratulations you guys! Thanks for letting me photograph your little dear. Want to see more?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Parent Teacher Conferences

Sometimes I feel like I am in a giant hole with my kids. We're just living our lives. I don't particularly think they're anything special (and I'm fairly sure they feel the same way about me). I see a lot of faults in them, I am continually correcting without much change. I feel as though I am in a never-ending cycle of me correcting, and them ignoring me.
And then parent teacher conferences come. All of the sudden I jump out of my hole and realize that Conner's a very special dude. Here are just some of the things his teacher liked about him.
  • He accels in math.
  • He's a great reader.
  • He's a good writer.
  • He gets along well with the other kids.
He is willing to share with the class (many of whom are older then him).
Sometimes you forget those things -- because they're just Conner. Of course, there are a few things to work on. He needs to spend more time writing and less time drawing pictures. He needs to learning to putspacesbetweenhiswords (anyone notice that on the spiderman assignment a few blogs ago). I remember having that problem too. Other then that, he's a gem, and I'm going to keep him. At least, for this week. :)
On a VERY depressing sidenote. I bought a scale today. It's the first scale I've owned by myself. I don't like the numbers that this scale is showing me. It even does my fat %, and that's even more sorry then the rest of it. Peeps, I'm needing some encouragement.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Views...

So, Rosie is doing a sex scene on Nip Tuck tonight (careful, don't vomit on the keyboard). Yes, it's with a man. HOWEVER -- today she just went OFF on guns and how they're killing our country. But guess what's REALLY killing our country.
Adulterous husbands, wifes and people having sex, having kids not giving a care to what is happening to their families.
WAY more people are hurt through those kinds of actions, then guns -- in my opinion.
I wrote her an email and told her so. Poor Elizabeth...
back to coupon cutting.

Anyone Feeling Angry?

Tuesday Thoughts

I don't know why you couldn't pull-up yesterdays layout. Weird.
Trying to post it again today, because it's got some good journaling. You can journal really good when you haven't scrapbooked in about a month, I find.

I basically have nothing to say this morning. I'm doing another newborn shoot tomorrow. I'm actually excited about this one, it's been a while since I shot. Oh, and I have a great picture. This is Spencer in front of our tomato plant. For my Kiddie constructive criticism group we were supposed to do "creative posing" so, my view was to take the picture in front of something else fun. Since most of my "un-posed" shots are taken running behind them in the yard. I've also noticed that I can't really use my 50mm lens outside, it's too open, and I get a lot of blow-outs. This one was done using a color conversion that I found on 2P's -- those of you handy with your photo software might wanna try this one out. I learned a lot about levels. Well, a little about levels. :) It's a little too white for my tates, but that could definately be adjusted, and I LOVE how the tomato plant (which is growing bigger every day) looks in this shot.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My Child Genius that is Obsessed with his Spider Man Video Game

Prior to you clicking on the link of my child-genious. I'd like everyone to take note that we do NOT have nintendo, and don't plan on getting one, but he does have one of those twenty-dollar video things you plug into the TV, the Spiderman variety. I probably only let him play it once a month because I'm more into the learning games we have for the actual computer. He's written about it both in Mrs. Ross's class and now, also in first grade.
Seriously, you read his stuff and you'd think that's all I do with him.
And now.... the link to his work.
And just a little layout (first one in about a month) about my other genius. :) Inspiration found here.

These Sewin' Fingers are Restin'

The costumes are done. For those of you who didn't hear the BIG news -- Drew is going tas Darth Vader (for the one event he'll be able to go to with us -- Halloween) and I am going as Princess Leia. We already have the Darth VAder voice changer, so all Drew needed was a black cape, so I whipped that up yesterday during conference. He's actually kinda scary with the whole thing on.
As for me, I am SO HOT in that white dress. Drew was a real trooper yesterday and let me braid my wig on his head. It was HILARIOUS with him in the little buns, but now it's all ready.
Perhaps I can find a new hobby now.
I'm thinking scrapbooking looks kinda cool. :) Or, what about photography? :)'
ETA: Ok, has anyone looked at my google adsense bar latlely? Mormon ringtone? Will my baby come early (Carly, that one was for you, obviously)... seriously, where do they come-up with this stuff?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

We Thank The Oh God for a Prophet

I'm not sure how the catholics feel about the Pope.
I'm not sure other churches feel about their head, but as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we adore our prophet. Not in a respect, man of God type way (although we feel that too) to each of us, he's a well-loved grandpa who we love seeing, and only has the best words of advice for us.
Our prophet is Gordon B Hinckley. He's 96 and still travels. He's recently had a bout with cancer but still seems especially spry for his age. I met him once. It still makes me laugh to this day, but that's another story for another blog.
At the finish of our General Conference (twice a year "church" is broadcast over the TV to members -- and non-members alike, so we're all seeing the same thing) we sang "We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet" and I felt so strongly that I wish President Hinckley could live forever. I do love to listen to him, his commands are easy to follow and I always reap many more blessings from his words then I sow.
So, in concerance with the hymn, I too thank my Heavenly Father for such a great prophet. I hope to obey his command with as much vigor as I adore him.

Conference from Yesterday

Did anyone listen to Elder Ballard's talk? I loved it. Loved every minute of it.
I think my favorite part was, that sometimes church WILL be your priority, and sometimes your family and sometimes your work. I think that much of my life I feel like the family does need to be the priority, and I feel guilty making anything else the priority -- but I appreciated what he said. Life is in flex. Obviously, when I'm at work in a tense situation I can't be worrying about how to get Conner to read his scriptures better at home, similar, once I get home I can't be worrying about work.
Some of you may be wondering about the blog title. Do you know how Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back? (??? whatever that means???) Well, I decided to bring frizzy back.
It's hot.


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