Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Child's Work

Spencer got his first package in the mail from A Childs Work. Fist off, you have to realize that Conner gets mail every now and then (he gets a few magazines and he gets a bank statement) so this was HUGE for Spencer.

He was SO excited to open it. And I took a picture in case you guys were wondering what you might find inside.

As you can see, there's a LOT of great stuff.

We are all very excited and he can't choose what to do first. Of course, being the obsessive compusive personality that I am, we're going to do one a week with a couple of extra ones for rainy days or whatnot before our next one comes next month. Oh, BTW she says each month comes with 4 craft kits, but we have the 4 kits plus 2 sets of stickers, so I don't know if that's just icing for being a new member (or writing dazzling blog entries about them) or if that's a regular thing.

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  1. Samantha (IL)1:05 PM

    Hilary, first time visitor to your blog. I spend hours looking at blogs but yours is one of the top 3. It's funny you mention A Child's Work. We have been with them now for 3 years. Each year we order a different theme. The owner of the site is such a wonderful person to deal with. The best part about it, is seeing my 6 year olds face when she opens the package. Precious!


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