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I’m a new woman today.
I had a really hard weekend. I measured and did all my stats and I have had NO weight or inches lost (and I’m talking since August, when I started all this crazy work-out stuff). I did do my accountability journal. I most definitely could’ve done better last week, but since I was sick I give myself a pass.
SO, today I’m starting this kick start diet. My friend’s mom gave it to her. I had 2 hardboiled eggs for breakfast and 1/8 of a cantaloupe.
I’ll have some shrimp and romaine lettuce with oil and vinegar for lunch (might add some green onions to spice-up the romaine). Along wiht another 1/8 of a cantaloupe.
For dinner it’s Costco rotissarie chicken and vegetables (green beans, cucumber and zuchinni). And some more cantaloupe for our FHE treat (kids are having strawberries).
Tomorrow will look pretty much the same but I might have some tuna instead of shrimp for lunch and I am going to have salmon instead of the rotissarie chicken. Then, it’s done. I’m also supposed to drink 64 glasses of water and limit my salt intake to 1/4 tsp.
Uh huh…..
I also did my first hour long yoga routine this AM. This same friend’s mom is doing “Total Body Workout” on BYU TV. I wanted to throw-up after and Lara said that’s a nice sign. :) I also felt very clumsy and like I was going to fall most of the time. Lara said I’ll get over that. I doubt it. I’m clumsy at heart.
But, s — honestly, if I don’t see any changes in 2 months with all of this. I’m done.
It’s excruciating to get-up an hour early 3 days a week and not see any changes in my waistline. I know, it’s about health and yada yada yada but let’s not kid ourselves. I’m in this for some weight loss. I’m not in it for MONSTROUS weight loss… I just want my BMI in a nice healthy area. My goal weight is only 160.
Just trying to keep my spirits up is the hardest about now….

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  1. says

    So I was watching the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge the other day on the Discovery Health Network. This girl was training 3 hours a day and eating great and everytime she was weighed…nothing! She couldn’t believe it and it went on for months. After awhile her trainer told her to get her thyroid checked and once she did she found that her thyroid levels were very low and her doctor told her that her body was basically putting on everything she ate and she wasn’t burning anything. If you haven’t had any results in awhile, maybe it’s time to get some serious levels taken. Just a thought…

  2. eliza says

    I’ve never heard of a cantaloupe diet. I love it, but not enough to eat every day. Good luck with it, I really hope it helps to jump start things for you.

  3. says

    I’m sorry….that’s gotta suck so bad to work so hard and see no result. Does this cantelope diet go for 2 months or is it just for two days to “kick start” the weight loss? I’m in agreement with the other gals…maybe check in with a Dr. Good luck and keep your chin up!

  4. says

    I’m bummed for you. That is so frustrating! You know I read an article once about what diets or weight loss systems are the most effective for long term. The author had a ton listed and of course had his favorites, but at the end he summed it up that stick-to-it-ness (or some funny phrase like that) is what makes the difference in those who lose and keep it off and those who either don’t lose or don’t keep it off. He said regardless that whatever you are doing (in the realm of healthy behavior, exercise & diet), it’s the people that plug along day after day that finally achieve results. So I’m hoping for you that it’s just some crazy plateau and that pretty soon here your body will have the results you want cause you sure are doing awesome sticking with it even when it’s tough.

  5. says

    okay, sorry for the rambling post there. But I really think you’re doing awesome. Right now I’m having a hard time sticking with it for maintenance myself and your post encouraged me that I’ve got to stick with it just like you day after day.

  6. says

    I hate to repeat what everyone else said, but the other day I was talking to a friend who has 3 kids and is a runner and can’t loose the baby weight. She finally found out she has a thyroid problem and that’s what is inhibiting the weight loss. I thought of her as soon as I read your post. Could it be? And I have to give you huge props and tell you how awesome I think youa re for sticking to your exercise and diet with no results yet. Love yer guts!

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