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I am cheap.
There, I said it. I mean, I’m not cheap on everything. Our babysitters enjoy luxury living and those that provide a good service, I believe, deserve to be paid well.
BUT, I will go YEARS with clothing. YEARS with shoes that have long-since died, garments that you can see through (sometimes the fabric has thinned, and sometimse it’s a particularly holy garment to us :) ). The other day I ordered garment bottoms online and they are TWO DOLLARS? Now, when we got married and I bought my initial purchase they’d always been like 5 dollars and so I have always been very careful and tried to make them last as long as possible. But, honestly — it’s not like Drew and i can’t afford 5 dollar undewear to replace ones that have holes in them. I mean, come on. But now that they’re 2 bucks, I’m vowing never to have holy underwear again. Perhaps I should store them, like I do cheetos — you know, for a rainy day?
And now, I have brown shoes that i’ve had for YEARS . I love them, but their velcro is coming off, the soles are worn unevenly and it makes me walk funny… i just can’t bring myself to part with them, and buy new ones.
So, does anyone have any brown casual shoes they’ve been ing after?
It’s time to realize we are not destitute and perhaps new shoes are in order after a person does a psycho diet like one did…..

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    I was wearing a sweatshirt yesterday I realized I bought in High School. And good shoes are hard to find. I had a pair resoled and repaired years ago. And I still have them they look like new. Those shoes repair guys really know how to put a shoe together.

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    Right now I am wearing a hoodie that Ibought before I was married, but after my mission. The shirt I’m wearing we bought on our honeymoon and my slippers are as old as the hills.

    So there.

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