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For all of my friends who mentioned maybe I’m just a mutation, I should mention that I do have a physical scheduled with my doctor in the next month or so… maybe 2 months. I have had my thyroid checked numerous times though… so far I have always been healthy as a horse.
However, this particular diet that I am on has made me DANG y. I don’t know if it’s all the (Lara and I found-out that Cantaloupe is a diuretic — hence, regardless of how much water I am used to drinking, my toilet is still getting a nice workout as well), or me missing my cheese and bread. I do feel like the diet’s doing SOMETHING.
Sadly, Lara has lost 5 pounds in one day, and I have lost none. Perhaps an ounce….
Anyway, I’m y and I’d better stop writing this blog right now or heaven only knows what else I might say.

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    Hey Hilary…so I have a few suggestions. I lost 70 lbs after having Jack, and believe me only 20 of that was easy to lose baby weight. Here is what worked for me…it wasn’t fun, but I lost the weight in 5 months. Trader Joes has a cereal called “Good Friends” which has an absurd 12 to 16 grams of fiber per serving. I would have 1 serving of that for breakfast (with a small sprinkle of a better tasting cereal on top, like Honey Nut Cherrios). If your body is not used to this cereal it might “jump start” your digestive system so make sure you aren’t planning any long car rides 😉 Lunch was a Snicker’s brand Marathon bar…surprising filling, chocolatey and chock full of 12 grams of protein. I allowed myself 1 snack mid afternoon (generally crackers or a granola bar because I crave carbs) and then I would have a normal size dinner. After working out (30 minutes of cardio/day…running or eliptical machine) I ate 1 serving of another snack in the evening, plus 3 hershey kisses to make all the hard early parenting months disappear for a few chocolatey moments and then bed before I ate everything I had desperately wanted all day long. I know everyone has their own plans that they swear work, but all I can say is this worked for me. Good luck, I know how discouraging it can be to feel like you are doing everything right and not seeing the results you want.

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