Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Good news

Welcome to weigh-in Saturday.
GUESS who LOST 2 pounds!!! Well, it wasn't me. But I DID lose 1.8 pounds! I am so happy.
Now, I tend to fluctuate in a 5 pound area... but the 2 pounds was welcome news. I do feel like the 1 hour workouts are making a difference, as well as changing my eating patterns.
I did have a sip of soda toda, not even thinking about it. I think those are habits that are just going to have to change little bits, by little bits.
Anyway, that's my good news. :)


  1. YOU ROCK!!!
    Way to go girl!

  2. Miranda9:15 PM

    That is awesome, Congrats!

  3. Right on!!! Congrats...doesn't it make you want to keep working at it??

  4. Woo hoo!!!! Makes me happy for you!

    PS: The word verification letters I'm about to type say yogafvc.

    I think it's a sign, don't you?

  5. Every little bit helps, especially with motivation. Good job!

  6. That's awesome! You are such a inspiration to me!


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