The Kunundrum

I know that several of you call me, thinking I have the answers to your health questions, but when I am the partial mother, I haven’t a CLUE what to do with my kids.
Conner did something to his thumb yesterday at school. He complained about it during homework (but that’s another blog entry) but I just let it go thinking it’d clear-up during the night. He was still complaining about it this morning, and he has a kind of tight cough. I called Kaiser, they said to wait 3 days before I have him seen (problem one solved — but he still does have the cough).
So I mull it over in my mind, “is he well enough to go to school?”
Finally it came down to him. I said he wasn’t going, and he BEGGED to go to school. So, I let him. I figured he’d tell me if he has to stay home (he has before)…. but it’s always that ebb and flow — do they go, do they stay. I did tell him that if his thumb is really hurting to just go to the nurse’s office and I’d pick him up. As for the cough, he gets it most of the winter usually — but where I am sick, I’m just a little more nervous.
Does anyone have something that regulates if you keep your kids home?
BUT, my friend Pili said she’d pick him up from school.
Honestly, the bells of heaven rang out when she said it. I didn’t have a clue how I was going to schlep myself and Mr. Whiney in to get him this afternoon (meanwhile, keeping whiney up from his nap. Anyway, I just wanted to sing the “you’ve gotta have friends” song a bit today. But, since the bronchitis is still infecting my life — I’ll resist. :)

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    I only keep B home if she has a fever or is creating unusual bodily fluids (i.e. vomit, etc.). And when I follow that rule, she rarely gets up off the couch while she’s home.

    And hurray for good friends!

  2. says

    sounds like a great day! I try to send A to school at all costs! Actually, I follow the same rules as Lara.

    Hope you all get feeling better soon!