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I have a confession, my friends (and this is particularly sad, because a lot of my blog readers were back rowing it with me!) if I sat in the chair rows at church. I’d go inactive.
We’ve had some car issues. Conner left the lights on in the car on that day where I was really sick. I didn’t really think about it, but it drained our battery so much that it was dead on Saturday. We got a jump, but then apparently we didn’t charge the battery enough so it was dead again yesterday. Soo…. Drew had to come home (thanks for conducting Valerie!) and we got to church REALLY late!!!! Like, there were 15 minutes left in the meeting late. So, I hauled the boys onto the back row.
Chairs are jungle gyms to little boys. We were going on the chair, through the chair, on top of the chair… and almost every other little child around us was doing the same thing. Plus, you’re so far back I didn’t really even feel like I was in the same room as the speaker. “Hello up there, my kids are whispering and being really annoying, but you’ll never know because you’re just a dot way up there!!!!!”
Our ward has WAY too many rows set-up at the back of the chapel. We probably do need an overflow area, but i know there are plenty of folks that like to sit out there regardless.
We are just not one of them.
Anyway, nice incentive for me to make sure my car is working next week. And perhaps we can all scoot a little closer so everyone in our ward can sit on a bench and feel a part of the meeting.

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    That’s why I love Mink Creek! The overflow isn’t even hooked to the chapel because it is such an old church. So, if you don’t get there early enough to sit in the chapel, you have to go to another room all together and only listen.

    I hate chairs anyway with kids. There is no hope for reverence with metal chairs!!

    Happy Birthday big brother!! Even though you are older, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are smarter any more!!! :)

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    We seem to own our bench. If were gone or late no one sits in it. If were not there everyone notices our bench was empty. Maybe we need a bigger crowd so people don’t feel nervous about sitting in our empty bench. Or perhaps they are just afraid it’s jinxed and if they sit in it their kids will act like mine.

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    Ya, not so much in our ward… the overflow that is… not enough people. We barely get enough in the chapel as it is… but your story made me laugh because my mom is very anti the overflow. We sat on the second row at church all 18 years I was at home. It would have been the first row but the deacons were there. I can only assume it was my moms way of coping… sitting all by herself with eight kids because my dad was in the bishopbric or the bishop for those 18 years and if we got out of line he’d give us the evil eye from the stand.

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    We are front row Joes. (Well, second row Joes.) If we ever have to sit in the overflow, I pretty much leave the meeting without any hair, and certainly no edification.

    It isn’t just little boys. Little girls seem to think that the overflow is somewhere they don’t have to sit still and can pretend to be beautiful (and noisy) ballerinas for the entire meeting.

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    SO we were late too, Dont know why we just cant get there on time even at 1:00, usually though we still sit in the bech seats, not that day and I agree on teh jungle gym part, for some reason my kids are not reverent when we sit in the chairs, it makes me wonder why I even went in the first place.

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    I’m with ya – I dread the overflow (that is, when I’m visiting other wards). Our ward is so small we have never used the overflow, nor do I ever remember it being too crowded.

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